Apps for Windows: Get OS X like stacks in Windows 7 Taskbar using 7Stacks

Windows 7 stacks 7stacks

A long time ago I covered a method to create stacks in Windows 7 that resemble their OS X counterpart. The method was a bit tricky one and was more of a hack out of a Windows XP and Vista application. 7stacks solves that issue and creates simple to use yet native looking stacks in the Windows 7 taskbar. The feature list is awesome:

  • In 7 and Vista, 7stacks uses Aero, making the stacks look like part of Windows itself.
  • Browse subfolders within a stack, just like in OS X Snow Leopard.
  • 3 different styles of stacks: Normal, Grid, and Menu
    • Normal displays a stack of icons vertically, with a text description next to it.
    • Grid displays a “squarish” grid of icons only; useful when displaying a large number of items like document folders.
    • Menu displays a cascading menu of items, with a very small icon and a name next to it. Hover over subfolders to browse inside those folders.
  • In Windows 7, create a new stack by right-clicking on any stack and selecting “Create New Stack” from the JumpList entry.
  • In Menu mode, 7stacks doesn’t even need to be in a toolbar. You can use it right from your desktop, or any other folder.
  • Pin up to 10 different stacks on the Windows 7 taskbar

This application is awesome and saves a lot of clicks if you sue it well, but one major drawback is that it doesn’t render image or video thumbnails, which makes it a bit useless when making shortcuts to such folders. Although, you can browser folders in the stack view as well, which is a plus if you have non-media folders setup as stacks. The cascading start menu like menu is a great addition as well.

Download 7stacks

Check out the demo video below by Lee Mathews of Download Squad