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I'm a software enthusiast, and cover everything differently, from my favorites games to marketing campaigns and not to forget different takes on Microsoft, Apple, Google and the likes. Send Imran Hussain an email at imran@ithinkdiff.com

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iOS 7.1 Released With UI Updates And Performance Improvements

Apple has released iOS 7.1 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. This much needed update contains performance improvements for all supported devices, UI improvements, CarPlay support and more. Animations are much faster now and overall performance, specially for iPhone 4, is much improved now.

Appstore for Pebble Smartwatch Ships With SDK 2.0 Beta 6

Pebble appstore has been made available with SDK 2.0 Beta 6 apps for iOS ( not Android yet ). Announced a month back, Pebble appstore is a one stop shop for users to find and download watchfaces and apps and also keep them updated, right from with the Pebble mobile apps. As with previous betas,(…)

Improve Nexus 5 Camera Quality Considerably With This Mod

Nexus phones have never been known for their camera quality. Google tried to change that with Nexus 5 by including an 8MP rear camera with optical image stabilization but unfortunately, the reviews still blasted away the results due to saturation, color and autofocus issues. Luckily for users, XDA exists and its amazing user base with(…)

Official PlayStation Apps for Android and iOS Now Available

With the imminent launch of PlayStation 4, Sony have released the official PlayStation app for Android and iOS (iPhone). The app brings the PlayStation experience to smartphones and lets users stay connected with their friends and do much more.

Facebook Launches New Redesigned Messenger App For Android

Facebook has released a brand new Messenger app with a redesigned interface for Android. Messenger has improved integration for text messaging and sleek and cleaner interface, which looks to have been inspired by flat designed operating systems such as Windows Phone and iOS 7.

With Google Drive Powered Gmail Attachments, Google Wants You To Stop Downloading Files

Google has been really beefing up their cloud offerings ever since the introduction of Google Drive. Not only did they unify the storage space for different Google services with Gmail, they also allowed attachments to be shared via Drive. The integration takes one huge step further now, with attachment saving and viewing coming right within(…)

Vine Is Finally Available For Windows Phone

Vine is the popular new app by Twitter which lets users record 6 second videos and share them on social networks. The cool trick is that it lets you shoot a video by pausing recording as many times as the user likes. Users have really capitalized on the 6 second limit and created amazing videos(…)

This Video Exposes The Bugs And Design Flaws in YouTube

Google’s agenda of forcing all their users to start using Google+ is not hidden from anyone. From search, to Gmail and Android and now YouTube – Google is ‘integrating’ Google+ as an improvement to their services. But do the facts really match what the Mountain View giant is trying to sell us? A video posted(…)

Tweetbot 3.1 Released for iPhone With New Gesture, List Timeline and More

Tweetbot is one of the best Twitter apps out there on any mobile ( and even desktop ) platforms. Having used a wide variety of apps on OS X, Windows, iOS, Android and Windows Phone, I have yet to find one that comes even close to what Tweetbot offers. From user experience to design and(…)

Twitterrific 5 For iOS Updates With New Profile Layouts, Gestures And More

Twitterrific is one of the oldest Twitter iPhone apps since the inception of the App Store but users would find it hard to tell if it is dated by any means. The developers have been working hard at churning out new features, improvements and fixes to different parts of the app. The latest release, 5.5.3(…)