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How to use the new Document Scanner in iOS 11 Notes App

Notes Document Scanner iOS 11

There are a number of new useful features in iOS 11 that really help enhance productivity. While iPad got most of the best new features in the form of Dock, refined multitasking and other updates, some common features made it to both iPhone and iPad that are extremely useful. One of my favorite new features …

LayAuto is an smart window management tool for macOS

LayAuto fixed position macOS

There is an abundance of window management apps for macOS which include the likes of Spectacle and Magnet. LayAuto is a new app for macOS which claims to support automated window management. As per the developer, the app lets you manage layouts for open windows automatically, without the need of any mouse click or keyboard …

Apple News to allow third party ad solutions soon

Apple News

Apple plans to open up advertising in News app to third party ad solutions soon, based on a new report for AdAge. Publishers would be able to use third party ad serving technology like Google DoubleClick to earn revenue from their content. Currently, Apple allows publishers to monetize their content in Apple News app by …

Play PlayStation 4 games on your Windows PC with PS Now

PS Now PlayStation 4 games on Windows

Sony has added PlayStation 70 games to its subscription service, PS Now, which lets users stream games to their Windows PCs. The service was initially launched with a collection of 450+ PlayStation 3 games which include the likes of Red Dead Redemption, The Last of Us, Killzone Shadow Fall and other exclusives. Both Windows PC …