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Another Google First – Pagination for Google Docs

It was a blessing when Google launched Google Docs, no need to download and install a word processors, you could do it all on your browser. Slowly improving and adding new old features from your basic word processor, Google Docs eradicates the need of another word processor for me. I’ve always found it annoying that there were  no page breaks and I couldn’t keep track …

Angry Bird Free for Android users

Android users rejoice, Angry Birds is now available for your Android devices and it’s FREE! The game developer, Rovia, made it official today. Although the game is available only at GetJar at the moment, it will soon be available in the Android Market as well. Angry Birds has been on the list of favorites  for iPhone users and on the envy list for Android users …

Opera Mobile Coming Soon to your Android Device

Robin Wauters of TechCrunch was at the Opera Software’s global press day and reports that amongst other announcements, Opera has announced Opera Mobile for Android. Opera Mobile will be released in beta for the Android Market probably somewhere around next month.  On the other hand Opera Mini, which has been available for sometime now for Android devices, will also be updated.

Wal-mart to Sell iPads

Macrumors reports that Wal-mart has sent out emails to their store managers that outline iPad models and their accessories. Back in May, Wal-mart announced that they will start selling iPads later this year and the ‘later’ time has arrived. Another photo sent to Macrumors revealed that starting next week, iPads will start arriving in a 1000 stores nationwide till the end of October, with more …

The New Google Doodle is a Video

Today is John Lennon’s 70th birthday and Google has dedicated its homepage to him like it has done before for many other famous people. But it’s a Google’s first today because today’s doodle is an embedded video. Its a simple animation with Imagine playing in the background. ‘You may say I’m a dreamer. But I’m not the only one.’

Facebook Rolls Out New Photo Viewer

According to Mashable, Facebook has begun to roll out its new image viewer design to users and this is what it looks like. It’s apparently called Facebook PhotoTheater. Facebook recently redesigned Groups from the ground up and this will probably be the next change. Its known that Facebook has been planning to completely redesign its interface, whether these changes will gradually roll out or update …

Sony Google TV’s Prices Leaked

Google recently launched a minisite for its new Google TV. We found out that to get the Google TV you either needed to buy a Sony Internet TV, or buy a separate box to use with your current TV. Sony Internet TV is a smart TV that will allow you to browse the web and watch TV at the same time powered by Google TV.