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iPad capable of making emergency calls!

The iPad SDK reveals so many secrets. Last month, it revealed the device’s capabilities of Video Calling. It can be easily achieved by enabling a passcode lock, and then entering it incorrectly about 5 times. You can then slide for an emergency call.

Shortage in iPad inventories could delay launch

When the iPad starts to arrive to the market later this month, it might have limited availability, and may leave pre-order customers empty-handed, that is if it is going to be released this month at all. In a research note, Canaccord Adams analyst Peter Misek says that production issues at Apple’s manufacturing company may keep …

HTC HD2 not getting Windows Phone 7 Update

Rumors about HTC HD2 getting the Windows Phone 7 update have been appearing ever since the device was released, but despite the update being tipped by HTC, it looks like Microsoft’s new hardware guidelines have killed the HD2’s chances in getting an update.

Learn How to Play Guitar Online!

In older days, learning guitar used to require a special teacher for you to do so, but with the technology and evolution we’re seeing, you can now learn how to play it while checking for your Email. That’s right, you can learn how to play the guitar online.

This year’s trends: Failbreaks (Fake Jailbreaks!)

I can’t believe  the outrageous number of fake jailbreaks spreading on the internet. One of them is Gull1Hack. The 18 year old German that made the Gull1hack has come clean and told the truth, ending his scam. Gull1hack really fooled many into believing it had the code to a new bootrom hack (I mean I …