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Apple airs iPad Commercial at the Oscars

One of the most exciting moments during the Academy Awards ceremony which captured the attention of the entire film industry was when Apple aired the iPad commercial.

Microsoft Introduces OneAlbum, Fusing facial Recognition and Social Networks

Recently, we wrote about Microsoft’s upcoming project, Mobile Surface, which was introduced at the TechFest 2010 in Redmond. Microsoft demonstrated another cool project at TechFest 2010 called OneAlbum that uses facial recognition and event-matching technology to automatically retrieve photos that would interest you from your social networks and your friends’ online photo albums and add(…)

Geosense for Windows brings Location Awareness to Windows 7 for free

Windows 7 has an excellent built-in platform and API which can help third party developers to create native applications for Windows 7 that are location-aware. However, the only mistake Microsoft has made with ‘Location and Sensors’ in Windows 7 is that they did not include any geolocation service provider.

Read eBooks on your PC, iPhone and Android with iBis Reader

Ibis reader is a free eBook reader for mobile phones, laptop, tablets and netbooks which helps you find the best books online. You can get hold of your favorite books and read them anywhere on your laptop or mobile device and keep them in sync on all your gadgets.. The best thing about iBis reader(…)

Apple Filed a lawsuit Against HTC for iPhone patents infringement

Apple has filed a lawsuit against HTC for infringing 20 Apple iPhone patents related to user interface, underlying architecture and hardware. Steve Jobs said in a press release, ““We can sit by and watch competitors steal our patented inventions, or we can do something about it. We’ve decided to do something about it,”. He also(…)

Windows 7 has sold almost 90 million copies

Windows 7 has been a great success for Microsoft especially after the failure of Windows Vista. Windows 7 was released last october and within 3 months of its launch, it managed to capture almost 10% of the operating system market share. During the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media & Telecom Conference, Microsoft’s Cheif Financial Officer, Peter(…)

Microsoft Shows off Mobile Surface at TechFest 2010

TechFest is an event where Microsoft’s researchers from different locations around the world meet in Redmond and share their work with other Microsoft’s employees. It’s been revealed that Microsoft is planning to show a new “Mobile Surface” at TechFest 2010.  The main purpose of Mobile Surface System is to link mobile phone with a camera(…)

Microsoft reveals first Windows Phone 7 Series Handset

Microsoft launched there much awaited Windows 7 Mobile OS at the Mobile World Congress 2010 in Barcelona few weeks back. And everyone was waiting when they would reveal the phone running the latest Windows Phone 7 Operating system.

Twitter Timelines not updating from past few hours

Twitter users has been experiencing a lot of difficulties because from the past few hours, Twitter timeline is not updating which is causing problems for many. And there has been no word from Twitter HQ regarding this issue.

Search Wikipedia Easily in Google Chrome

Wikipedia is one of the biggest website on the internet where you can find everything you need to know about any specific topic you can think of. Ever thought of a way with which you can search Wikipedia with just a single click?

Android 2.1 Update Announced for US phones

Android is becoming a popular OS for mobile phones these days and many new phones have been announced which will run the latest Android 2.1 but the release date of those mobile phones is not yet confirmed and many people are eager to update there phones to the latest OS. Right now, only Google Nexus(…)

Manage Google Reader in Chrome with Google Reader Notifier

Google Reader is free web-based reader which allows you to read your favourite sites and blog RSS feeds all in one place. You dont have to open multiple tabs/windows to read news or blog articles. Most importantly, if you are a blogger than you have to stay in touch with whats happening on the internet,(…)

Microsoft Warns users about Fake Security Essentials 2010

Microsoft has warned users about the fake antivirus program know as Security Essentials 2010 which is quite similar to Microsoft’s security protection software. The programs contains a trojan Win32/Fakeinit. If the user installs the fake antivirus program, it downloads and installs  a fake scanner component that monitors other processes and attempts to terminate them.

Google Introduces New Gmail Lab Features

When Google started its Gmail lab features, it had around 13 features but with time, the number actually grew to around 60 amazing Gmail Lab features that can make anyone shift to gmail from other email services. Gmail has recently introduced new Gmail Lab features and removed some old features that were outdated and not(…)

Apple iPad to be sold at Best Buy and Other Locations

There is a good news for all those waiting for the iPad and that is, You will be able to buy iPad at other locations as well other then Apple retail outlets. At the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference in San Francisco, Apple COO Tim Cook said that “The iPad will launch in retail,(…)

Microsoft Named UK’s Top Business Superbrand

We all know Microsoft is one of the biggest companies in the computer industry and overall too. Recently, in the 8th Annual Top 500  Superbrands Survery, Microsoft has taken the top spot and named the  UK’s Top superbrand followed by Rolls Royce and Blackberry. In 2008 and 2009, Google was ranked the number one superbrand,(…)

Apple’s A4 ARM based Mobile Chips Costs $1 Billion to produce?

There has been a lot of talks and rumours going on all over the internet about the features and pricing of Apple’s much awaited Tablet, Apple iPad, and surprisingly, the price is low as well. But recently, there has been an article published on NY Times which tells us that the A4 ARM-based chips that(…)

Twitter Reaches 50m Tweets per day

Almost every single blogger use Twitter nowadays. Whatever he is doing, he tweet about it on twitter either using his computer or mobile. For those who still have no idea what Twitter really is, it’s a free social networking and more specifically a microblogging service which allows you to send and receive messages known as(…)

Will Bing Become a Better Search Engine After Yahoo-Microsoft Deal?

The question which is in the mind of many people is “Will Bing become a better search engine then Google after it enter in a deal with Yahoo!? We don’t know that yet but the Search and Advertising deal between Microsoft and Yahoo has been cleared by the European Commission and US Department of Justice.(…)