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Details leak from Apple’s internal meeting on preventing leaks

Details leak from Apple's internal meeting on preventing leaks

Details of Apple’s internal meeting on preventing leaks have been leaked to the press. The Outline received a recording of an internal Apple meeting held at the company’s California campus, from an unidentified source attending the briefing. The 60 minutes briefing on “Stopping Leakers – Keeping Confidential at Apple” was conducted by David Rice (Director …

New Gyms, Raid Battles, and items coming soon to Pokémon Go

Pokemon Go raids

Pokémon Go team has announced exciting new updates and features coming soon to the game for trainers world wide. Completely revamped Gyms, an entertaining new Raid Battle feature and new items which will be earned as rewards to catch and train Pokémon. The new Gyms will be rolled out world wide, therefore as of today, Gyms have …

Planet of the Apps debuts on Apple Music

Planet of the apps

Planet of the Apps premiered on Apple Music on Tuesday, 7th June. It is a 50 minutes tech-based reality show by Apple as their first venture in video streaming content. Hosted by Zane Lowe, Planet of the Apps showcases the journey of developers pitching their ideas to celebrity judges; Gwyneth Paltrow, Will.i.am, Jessica Alba and …

FaceApp adds a smile to any portrait photo using AI


FaceApp is a new selfie app for iOS which uses artificial intelligence to transform faces. The app has a number of neural face transformation filters, which let users add a smile, change gender, change age or become more attractive. Developed by Wireless Lab, the app provides stunning results in certain situations. 

New Google Voice apps for iOS and Android are now available for download

Google Voice

Last week, Google announced significant updates to Google Voice apps, after five years of wait, for iOS, Android and the Web versions. The latest update to Google Voice apps introduce a redesigned, more intuitive, and organized user interface and new features on all platforms. Users can now organize and manage inbox, maintain individual and group chats in a single …