Uzair Ghani

Guide: iPad vs Netbooks. What to buy?

Guide: iPad vs Netbooks. What to buy?

Nowadays, the iPad has really flooded the US market and left netbooks in the shadows (as the demand and sales figures show), but there are still a lot of things at which a netbook is good at and some things the iPad is. We’re going to do a little hardware and software comparison and tell …

Clamcase Shell turns the iPad into a laptop

The iPhone and iPod got so many accessories that people got confused with which one to buy. Most of them are just too cool to decide from, and now the iPad is getting the same treatment. Different manufacturers are coming up with unique accessories for the iPad. For instance, a shell casing by Clamcase which …

IMDb app for Windows Mobile released

If you’re a real movie fanatic and just don’t want to miss the buzz on the latest movies, you might want to try this IMDb app for your Windows Mobile handset. It has plenty of cool features which will keep you updated on latest movies, reviews and ratings.