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Manually Switch Graphics Processors on New MacBook Pros using gfxCardStatus

The new MacBook Pro lineup by Apple is just phenomenal in terms of graphics, but there’s an issue manually switching between its two graphics processors, Nvidia’s GeForce GT 330M and Intel’s HD Graphics. The GeForce GT 330M graphics chip is really power hungry on its own and sucks up all the precious battery, but there’s a way to switch between the GeForce GT 330M chip …

Clamcase Shell turns the iPad into a laptop

The iPhone and iPod got so many accessories that people got confused with which one to buy. Most of them are just too cool to decide from, and now the iPad is getting the same treatment. Different manufacturers are coming up with unique accessories for the iPad. For instance, a shell casing by Clamcase which turns your iPad into a laptop, how cool is that?