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Apple Watch Heart Rate Monitoring Bug is A Feature Update


WatchOS 1.0.1 issue, which effected the heart rate monitoring after every 10 minutes to work only at random intervals, is not a bug, says Apple. Apple’s updated support page, spotted by 9to5mac, says that it is not an issue and intentional behaviour. Heart rate monitoring only works when the arm or hand are not moving.

WatchOS 1.0.1 Has Messed Up Apple Watch Heart Rate Readings


With WatchOS 1.0.1, Apple Watch heart rate monitor is not functioning as it used to. Readings are either delayed and not taken every 10 minutes or when they are, they are duplicated so you might see 4 readings at one time in the Heatlh app. This is a new bug introduced with the operating system …

Apple Watch Tips And Tricks That You Might Not Know


Apple has created a completely new user interface for Apple Watch which revolves around watch faces, glances, complications and apps. This can be a lot to handle for some people, therefore, Apple has provided comprehensive video guided tours to train users on how to get started with the basic functions of the Watch. However, as …

Watch the new Apple Watch Ads Titled Us, Up and Rise

Watch the new Apple Watch Ads Title Us, Up and Rise

Apple’s advertisement for Apple Watch has taken the form of new commercials titled Us, Up and Rise. The marketing campaign has been in full swing ever since the Watch was announced, in the form of fashion show and magazine appearances, celebrity endorsements of sorts and reviews from different websites but now as the shipping has …