Second version of Blacksn0w to unlock iPhone 3GS New Bootrom?

The people behind the Gull1hack tool said they are working on a new unlocking tool for the iPhone 3.1.3 that comes with the 05.12.01 baseband on the iPhone 3GS with the new bootrom, using their version of Blacksn0w v2. You are free to believe the Gull1hack team, but nothing is for sure until the Dev(…)

Gull1hack: iPhone 3GS Untethered Jailbreak Claim

I just found out about an iPhone 3GS untethered jailbreak claim by the Gull1hack team. The source isn’t reliable so we can’t trust them if they will do it or not. Nothing can be verified at the moment, but they did post a video, and it sure looks promising! They claim it will work with(…)

Two new iPhone ads emerge on Apple.com

Apple has been successful with it’s advertising campaigns; the proof? The iPhone’s gaining market share fast and quick. Apple has, without a doubt, the largest number of applications in the App Store. Separated in different categories, it attracts people of all age group. This big inventory of applications gives Apple higher market share then platforms(…)

Video Chat coming to iPad and iPhone?

We’ve been hearing rumors about it, but more and more evidence are popping up on the internet. Some icons in the iPhone 3.2 SDK are labeled “Accept Video” and “Decline or End Video” as 9to5mac reports. But that’s not all!

Unlock for baseband 05.12.01 for iPhone 3.1.3 might be coming soon!

For you unlucky people who updated their unlocked phones to firmware 3.1.3, have hope! George Hotz has confirmed that he has a working exploit which can be used to unlock the latest 05.12.01 baseband which was upgraded if you updated to newest firmware. No ETA was given was given regarding the release in his tweet,(…)

Create themes easily for jailbroken iPhone/iPod Touch with CodeThemed!

One of the amazing tools I found on the Internet has to be CodeThemed. It lets you create a theme for your iPhone/iPod touch using their website, but to use the theme, you’ll need a jailbroken device. It’s still in Beta stages, but the folks at CodeThemed were generous enough to give me a beta(…)

Find out if you can jailbreak and unlock your iPhone/iPod Touch using f0recast

The iPhone has become so popular, that many cellphone buyers are making it their default choice. Its App Store is what attracts most users. It has a wide range of applications. But because the iPhone has some restrictions, many users want to jailbreak it, just to access some cool new features. Heck, some people buy(…)

Opera coming to both iPhone and Android!

Opera Mobile is the world’s most popular browser for smartphones, with over 25% share, as compared to Safari Mobile on iPhone OS which has just a little bit over 22%. What confuses me is how will they release to the iPhone, despite Apple not allowing any browser other then Safari Mobile ( those that exist(…)

iPhone 4G Leaked Pictures!

  iResQ has released pictures claiming they have the parts of the next generation iPhone 4G. As you can see it’s a bit taller then the last iPhones. But bear in mind, these pictures can be fake, and just for marketing purposes by iResQ. There seems to be a reflective surface over the phone’s speakers,(…)