iPad Tethering with iPhone? Steve Jobs Says No

A Swedish Apple fan sent an email to Steve jobs this week asking him about the possibility of iPad tethering with the iPhone. Steve Jobs did reply to the guy’s email, saying “No”.

Read eBooks on your PC, iPhone and Android with iBis Reader

Ibis reader is a free eBook reader for mobile phones, laptop, tablets and netbooks which helps you find the best books online. You can get hold of your favorite books and read them anywhere on your laptop or mobile device and keep them in sync on all your gadgets.. The best thing about iBis reader(…)

Steve Jobs still using 3.1.2 on his iPhone??!!!

Mike from Macsoda wrote 9to5mac that he got a response from Steve Jobs to his email regarding the Future Cut Pro (40 of its developers were let go). Steve Jobs said: No worries. FCP is alive and well.

Manage and Install Cydia packages using Cyder 2!

Some of the problems Jailbroken iPhone/iPod Touch users face is the unavailability of a data connection for them to download Cydia packages on their iPhone/iPod Touch. Now this can be easily done on your PC using a software called Cyder 2.

This year’s trends: Failbreaks (Fake Jailbreaks!)

I can’t believe  the outrageous number of fake jailbreaks spreading on the internet. One of them is Gull1Hack. The 18 year old German that made the Gull1hack has come clean and told the truth, ending his scam. Gull1hack really fooled many into believing it had the code to a new bootrom hack (I mean I(…)

Guide: Different tools to jailbreak and unlock iPhone with firmware 3.1.3

We have been covering various jailbreaking tools, as they have been released, for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The numbers of emails and messages for support requests keep on increasing day by day, mostly because people don’t read and follow the guides properly. Therefore, we have decided to do a recap of all the methods(…)

Second version of Blacksn0w to unlock iPhone 3GS New Bootrom?

The people behind the Gull1hack tool said they are working on a new unlocking tool for the iPhone 3.1.3 that comes with the 05.12.01 baseband on the iPhone 3GS with the new bootrom, using their version of Blacksn0w v2. You are free to believe the Gull1hack team, but nothing is for sure until the Dev(…)

Gull1hack: iPhone 3GS Untethered Jailbreak Claim

I just found out about an iPhone 3GS untethered jailbreak claim by the Gull1hack team. The source isn’t reliable so we can’t trust them if they will do it or not. Nothing can be verified at the moment, but they did post a video, and it sure looks promising! They claim it will work with(…)

Two new iPhone ads emerge on Apple.com

Apple has been successful with it’s advertising campaigns; the proof? The iPhone’s gaining market share fast and quick. Apple has, without a doubt, the largest number of applications in the App Store. Separated in different categories, it attracts people of all age group. This big inventory of applications gives Apple higher market share then platforms(…)