iPhone’s SMS Database breached at Pwn2Own hacking contest

Vincenzo Iozzo and Ralf-Philipp Weinmann are the people who breached through an iPhone’s SMS database at 2010 Pwn2Own hacking contest and hacked every inbox and sent message and even deleted messages. Where does the iPhone stand in terms of security after this?

Digg iPhone App now available for download

As expected, Digg’s iPhone app is now available for download in the App Store, and it’s available for free. The app has been made by Digg and TapTapTap and really provides a great experience for users on the go. It provides the complete functionality that you get on the website, so you wouldn’t need to(…)

Digg iPhone App hits the App Store tomorrow!

After ages of wait, Digg is finally launching a native iPhone app tomorrow. The app includes all the features such as browsing popular, upcoming and recent stories as well as allowing you to Digg or bury them. The app also seems to have comments and related stories unlike the Digg mobile site. The app should(…)

Blacksn0w RC2 unlock released for iPhone 3G/3GS 3.1.3 with baseband 05.11.07

Just a few days ago, a patch was released for Blacksn0w which allowed users to unlock iPhone 3G and 3GS with OS 3.1.3 and baseband 05.11.07. Today, the guy behind PushFix 2.0 (which enables push notifications on hacktivated iPhones) has released a modified version of Blacksn0w on Cydia. This version contains the original Blacksn0w along(…)

Hints of a Multitasking dialog box in iPhone OS 3.2

Multitasking is probably the most wanted feature from the future iterations of iPhone OS. 9to5mac has been digging around in the iPhone OS 3.2 SDK and have found comments that show mention of a multitasking dialog box. Seems like Apple will be implementing a task switcher in iPhone OS 3.2, but lets not be too(…)

Springboard rotation tweak coming soon for jailbroken iPhones

One thing that has always been missing ( which I realized after using Android ), you can’t use the iPhone Springboard (homescreen) in landscape mode. Currently known as Springboard Rotator, this tweak will soon be available on Cydia for jailbroken iPhone and iPod Touch users. No word on the pricing yet, but the developer has(…)

How Apple should combat Windows Phone 7 Series gaming

Microsoft has come out all guns blazing with Windows Phone 7 Series. They’ve put in everything every user dreams of in a phone and then some. Xbox Live for mobile phones had been on the cards for years but never materialized before Windows Phone 7 Series. Now that we know details on how Microsoft intends(…)

Tekken coming to the iPhone!

Tekken fans rejoice. Fonehome confirmed today that Namco’s Tekken will soon be available for iPhone users. It’s in the final stages of development and that’s all the information we have up till now. No screenshots, no posters, nothing.