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Search Wikipedia Easily in Google Chrome

Wikipedia is one of the biggest website on the internet where you can find everything you need to know about any specific topic you can think of. Ever thought of a way with which you can search Wikipedia with just a single click?

Manage Google Reader in Chrome with Google Reader Notifier

Google Reader is free web-based reader which allows you to read your favourite sites and blog RSS feeds all in one place. You dont have to open multiple tabs/windows to read news or blog articles. Most importantly, if you are a blogger than you have to stay in touch with whats happening on the internet, …

Using Google Chrome’s Pin Tabs feature

Google Chrome recently hit the version 5 milestone for the dev branch. It should be world record for a browser, because even after more than a decade, Internet Explorer is at version 8, Firefox just reached 3.6 and Opera is at 10.5. While we still don’t have built in support for RSS feeds in Google …

10 must have Google Chrome extensions for Bloggers

10 must have Google Chrome extensions for Bloggers

Ever since Google Chrome got support for extensions, people have been flocking in large numbers from Firefox. This is evident by Chrome’s rapidly growing market share, which has surpassed Safari, the supposedly ‘world’s fastest and best browser’ ( as said by Steve Jobs ). But for bloggers to make a switch to a new browser, …