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Even iPhone 6s beats Samsung Galaxy S8 in Speed Test

iPhone 6s vs Samsung Galaxy S8

Despite faster processor and more RAM, it is a well established fact that Samsung’s Galaxy S8 has been unable to dethrone the performance king, iPhone 7. No surprises there, however what is shocking is that Apple’s 2015 flagship, iPhone 6s, is also able to beat the Galaxy S8 in a speed test, thanks to its …

Download Galaxy S8 Wallpapers, Launcher and Bixby APK

Download Galaxy S8 Wallpapers and Launcher APK for any Android phone

Samsung announced their latest flagship Galaxy S8, just a few days ago. Galaxy S8 ships with a faster processor, improved front and rear cameras, a smart assistant named Bixby and the most attractive feature of them all, the Infinity Display. As with all major Galaxy phone releases, this one also comes with a set of …

Load websites faster in Google Chrome using these extensions

Web Boost for Chrome

Modern day websites use a number of frameworks like jQuery to provide a good user experience to users. This means that the framework libraries to be fetched from different links every time a website loads. One way to speed this up is to for web developers to reduce server requests which helps load websites faster. However, there are a few new …

New Google Voice apps for iOS and Android are now available for download

Google Voice

Last week, Google announced significant updates to Google Voice apps, after five years of wait, for iOS, Android and the Web versions. The latest update to Google Voice apps introduce a redesigned, more intuitive, and organized user interface and new features on all platforms. Users can now organize and manage inbox, maintain individual and group chats in a single …

Google Photos ad takes another shot at 16GB iPhones

Google Photos ad takes another shot at 16GB iPhones

Google has released a new ad titled GPhotos. For Life. which tells an interesting and compelling story about its benefits. The ad highlights the unlimited backup, smart search, content organization and Free up space features of Google Photos while taking a sneaky shot at 16GB iPhone’s storage issues.