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Sideload iOS apps without jailbreak using Cydia Impactor

Cydia Impactor

There are different ways of sideloading apps to your iOS device. Perhaps the most popular method is jailbreak but it is not often feasible as the latest iOS versions rarely get jailbroken. Another method is using Xcode but that is only applicable to Mac users as it is not available for Windows users. Luckily, there …

New Gyms, Raid Battles, and items coming soon to Pokémon Go

Pokemon Go raids

Pokémon Go team has announced exciting new updates and features coming soon to the game for trainers world wide. Completely revamped Gyms, an entertaining new Raid Battle feature and new items which will be earned as rewards to catch and train Pokémon. The new Gyms will be rolled out world wide, therefore as of today, Gyms have …