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FCC doubts AT&T is capable of handling the iPad

Can AT&T really handle the data demands of the iPad? FCC folks are wondering the same thing aloud. A blog post by Phil Bellaria, director of the National Broadband Task Force at the U.S. Federal Communications Commission suggests that the governmental body may also doubt how much more the overextended AT&T network can handle.

Skype for iPhone over 3G, soon

Skype announced a new version of Skype for iPhone coming, very soon, that will support calls over 3G. Skype for iPhone currently supports calls over Wi-Fi, which limits the useful functions of the Skype application, on the move. This morning, Peter Parkes from Skype that a 3G-capable version of the application is on its way, …

Fact or Fiction: iPad camera

Mission Repair just got their shipment of some iPad parts. The internal metal frame suggests a camera slot. Now, that looks like the place for an iSight camera to sit in, doesn’t it? Well to be sure, they removed the camera from a unibody MacBook, and guess what? It fits.

China had the iPad ages before Apple did, Hmm?

A company in China claims that its iPad knockoff is actually the original design which has been copied by Apple. The P88 (The Chinese tablet’s name) has been in the Chinese market for about six months. You can recognize it easily, it looks a lot like a big iPhone. Xiaolong Wu, president of the manufacturing …

The disappointments of Apple iPad

Despite being so ultra-hyped and priced unbelievably low at $499, the Apple iPad does have its share of disappointments. Based on the initial impressions of the iPad by Engadget and Gizmodo and our own judgment of the specifications and features, here are the drawbacks of the Apple tablet:

Apple unveils the iPad – finally a tablet done right!

After more than a year of speculation, Apple has finally unveiled its tablet called the iPad. Aimed to be the device to replace slow netbooks, and provide functionality that’s better than the smartphone and Macbook at some tasks such as “Browsing the web. Doing email. Enjoying and sharing pics. Watching videos. Enjoying music. Playing games. …

Using Office Web Apps on an iPod Touch or an iPhone

Microsoft has not announced Office Web Apps for the iPhone or iPod Touch currently, but there’s a workaround to get it running on these devices. The edit link for documents isn’t there when you open them in SkyDrive on the Mobile Safari browser due to lack of support. While the experience of running OWA is …