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Proof of concept code for security flaw in Leopard and Snow Leopard posted online

It isn’t daily that you get to hear of security vulnerabilities in Apple’s OS X. Even if security flaws are discovered in OS X, they are rarely exploited for malicious reasons unlike in Windows where viruses are widely available. Recently, a proof of concept code has been made available online that allows a vulnerability to be exploited in OS X 10.5 (Leopard) and 10.6 (Snow …

How to use Nokia N900 as a modem for your Mac

Many of you would be familiar with the term tethering, the process which allows you to use your mobile phone as a modem for your laptop or PC. Recently, more and more people have expressed interest in utilizing the tethering capabilities of their smartphone. We’ve listed the steps that will enable you to use Nokia N900 as a modem for your Mac. The steps are …

The Simplest Way to Access Blocked Websites

Isn’t internet censorship annoying sometimes? Sites like Facebook, Twitter and even Gmail blocked on computers in your colleges and your workplaces. Large scale internet censorship can be seen in North Korea, where people have access to computers that are linked to a closely monitored intranet. Other countries also routinely ban to regulate the information that can be accessed by residents.