Typist for Android Lets You Find The Best Keyboard For Fast Typing

Download Typist for Android to test your typing speed using any keyboard on your phone or tablet. This free app lets you try the official Google Keyboard for Android or any third party keyboard and see which one lets you type the fastest and with the least number of errors.

Vine Is Finally Available For Windows Phone

Vine is the popular new app by Twitter which lets users record 6 second videos and share them on social networks. The cool trick is that it lets you shoot a video by pausing recording as many times as the user likes. Users have really capitalized on the 6 second limit and created amazing videos(…)

Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 7 Released by Microsoft

Microsoft has been hard at work trying to improve Internet Explorer with each release. Internet Explorer 11 is the latest release of their popular browser, which shipped with Windows 8.1 and almost a month later, it is now available for Windows 7 in both 32 and 64 bit variants and in 95 languages.

How To Install Custom Recovery on Nexus 5 (CWM or TWRP)

Nexus 5 is Google’s latest flagship phone which ships with Android 4.4 otherwise known as KitKat. Even though the stock Android experience is why most users buy Nexus phones and tablets, a large number of users like to use custom ROMs or implement tweaks which are not available by default. To do so, it is(…)

Bring back Aero Glass on Windows 8 with WinaeroGlass App

Bring back Aero Glass on Windows 8 with WinaeroGlass App

With almost every new release of Windows, Microsoft tends to overhaul the UI. It was different with Windows 9x, changed again with Windows XP, got a glossy and glassy look with Windows Vista and 7 and now a flat 2D-ish look with Windows 8. Many users got used to the glass borders that Windows Vista(…)

Disable Automatic Pinning Of New Apps to Start Screen in Windows 8

If you are on Windows 8, you might have noticed that upon installing a new app, the app tile is automatically pinned to the start screen. This is similar to iOS and Android behavior where new apps are shown by default on the home screen. This is a helpful indication of new apps for novice(…)