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Apple iCloud VS Windows Live Services VS Google Services

Remember the good old days of Yahoo! Mail and Hotmail, the time we only had a megabyte or two of storage? And then when Google announced Gmail with 1GB of storage, that seemed unbelievable. Those days are long gone, Yahoo! seems to have disappeared, Microsoft did a complete refresh to their services, Google has more …

Microsoft Connecting LinkedIn and Facebook Chat to Hotmail and Windows Live Messenger

Microsoft says that users can now connect their Messenger and Windows Live profiles with LinkedIn. They’ve  made connecting with different social networks possible in Windows Live Messenger Beta 2010. Now users are able to share photos, videos and links through it and other networks like Facebook and LinkedIn will update synchronously. LinkedIn connection will allow …

Download Windows Live Messenger for iPhone

As expected, Microsoft has released Windows Live Messenger v 1.01 for iPhone and it is now available for download from iTunes (US store only so far). It is available for both iPhone and iPod Touch and it provides a lot of Windows Live Messenger and social functionalities which let you see your Windows Live Home … is live now

It was expected that Windowslivepreview will go live today. Now that the website has finally gone live, we all can get a taste of what the next generation Windows Live Messenger will be like. This website is not just for Messenger but will also be carrying details for other Wave 4 apps and services soon.