Facebook Rolls Out New Photo Viewer

According to Mashable, Facebook has begun to roll out its new image viewer design to users and this is what it looks like. It’s apparently called Facebook PhotoTheater. Facebook recently redesigned Groups from the ground up and this will probably be the next change. Its known that Facebook has been planning to completely redesign its interface, whether these changes will gradually roll out or update at once, isn’t official. The new image viewer displays images in a Lightbox fashion, with a black background that makes the images ‘pop’. This new viewing format does, on the other hand, hide all the ads on the right side except for one last one. Check out more screenshots below:

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  • Billy

    I think it looks awful and very very amatuer. There was nothing wrong with the basic page browser that we all know and love. Stop trying to fix or improve things that don’t need fixing or improving. Its almost like they did this simply for the sake of progress. Makes me feel as though it is a pop up on some crappy site.

  • Behemoth

    The new photo viewer is putting me off facebook. Me and most of the people on my friend list agree its awful. Facebook, why ?. Please revert.

  • Stu

    The new photo viewer is a complete abortion. It’s terrible. What is wrong with these Facebook idiots that they have to keep changing things? Is it just to keep the developers busy? Well, sack them. Problem solved.

  • johnny

    this new viewer really sucks, your picture is smaller, doesnt look as good, and any writing on the page becomes illegible. its like some cheap and worthless version of a slide viewer.

  • D

    this visually repellent facebook new Photo Viewer,
    how to fix in the url bar at the end of the address string you can highlight and delete “&THEATER”
    an hit ENTER then you can then view photo in old format, its just a fix and and you have to do it for every picture it doesn’t solve the annoying problem but its all i could find to change it..

  • Tina

    Hold down the [ctrl]+[Shift] while clicking the thumbnail. It’s not permanent though so you will have to do it everytime you want to look at a picture.