I’m a PC and I’m 7

Im a PC and Im 7

The second I’m a PC ad from the Rookies marketing campaign is out. This time we see Alexa, aged 7, teach us how to make panoramic photos using Windows Live Photo Gallery. Another cute ad by Microsoft, and actually makes you want to use the product if you don’t already. Let’s see if they plan to extend these Rookies ads to other Windows and Windows Live products or not, because I’d love to see them do that. This campaign is one that has met almost no criticism so far, ( I don’t count in opposing fanboys’ opinions ) and has lots of potential to change the negative image that Microsoft has acquired over the past.

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  • Shahzad Khan

    so true. these ads are much better and refreshing :D



    You’re right. The ads are pretty darn hard to resist. I thought I’d drop the YouTube link in here for those that might have trouble viewing the other version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KVdEq-mYURs&feature=channel_page.

    Windows Outreach Team

    • Yes, the ads are really good.
      Thanks for the video link Ron. Cheers!