iPad Pro Wallpaper for iPhone and other devices


With the iPad Pro, Apple showed off a beautiful new background which shows Jupiter, the planet. The wallpaper really conveys the gigantic size of the iPad Pro but looks great on smaller screens too such as on iPhone and Apple Watch.

You can download a few different sized variants of the iPad Pro wallpaper from below. I’ve also added screenshots to show how the wallpapers look on iPhone 6s Plus and on Apple Watch.

Here is how the wallpapers look on iPhone and Apple Watch. To set up the wallpaper on Apple Watch as a watch face, you need WatchOS 2. The photo must be synced to your Apple Watch and show in Photos app. From there, select the photo, force touch it and use the option: Create Watch Face.

iPad Pro wallpaper on Apple Watch
iPad Pro wallpaper on Apple Watch
iPad Pro wallpaper on iPhone
iPad Pro wallpaper on iPhone

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  • Many thx. 4 sharing, but do you now also, what app they use in the Apple Keynote Presentation who show’s up the awesome constellations and more?

    • You’re welcome.

      That astronomy app was Sky Guide: https://itunes.apple.com/AE/app/id576588894?mt=8 available for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch

      • naa i don’t think so, i have this app, u never get this close to Mars or Venus in it…..but thx

        • It’s the same. Check the app logo on Apple’s iPad Pro page and the logo for this app.

          • couldn’t find it….i mean not just the wallpapers eh, also the Video from Venus n Mars

          • Seph

            It is the SkyGuide app, but apple doctored the video frame by frame to enhance the imagery.

  • where there….i’m blind, stupid or can’t find it, no app who show’s up like this images, u could see the stars like in a movie and fly between them on Keynote Show

    • Leonardo Wille

      Also want this Saturn image. Where can i find it?

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