iTD Apple TV 2G Giveaway (2 units up for grabs!)

Yes, that’s right. In case you have been visiting this website in a text only browser, you wouldn’t have noticed that iTD got a brand new redesign thanks to some brilliant work with CozmosLabs. They understood all our crazy requirements and created a dream design for iTD. To celebrate this rebranding, we did a giveaway exclusively for our Facebook page fans. We gave away a license of Windows 7 Ultimate Edition, Office 2010 for Windows and Office 2011 for Mac. So tough luck if you hadn’t joined the fan page.Apple TV

However, all is not lost. We still have many more giveaways planned. We’ll also be coming up with official iTD merchandise soon. But for now, you have a chance to win a free Apple TV 2G. Well, two of you. All you have to do is:

  • Leave a comment on this post.
  • Retweet this post on Twitter.

Also, those who are fans of our Facebook page already, will be prioritized (duh!). The competition will end on the 15th of November 2010.

This is just a token of thank you to all our readers who’ve made iTD what it is today. Good luck and keep reading iTD!

Tiny unreadable footnote which include rules:

Comments are moderated so don’t panic if you don’t see it immediately. Spam doesn’t count. Tweet as much as you like. No bribing. You can be anywhere in the world to win. Costs nothing to participate. Stop reading and participate already.

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  • Ollie Hoolachan

    OMG i hope i win xD xD

  • David Barker

    I WANT ONE!!!!! :-)

  • jason

    i want it

  • Ok I should get one this time :D

  • Two, nice. I expected you to give away one =P Would be a epic early xmas present for some.

  • Chris Leighton


  • shariq

    i would love to have one xD

  • sean ugale

    i hope i win =]

  • Joshua Lee Tucker

    Very nice design, certainly a lot more functional than the previous design!

  • Jordan Downey

    Me likey ! thanks guys !

  • Will

    I’ll take another.. I already own one, and my dad really wants one so..

  • Adrian Hamelink

    Allways wanted an ATV 2G

  • Michael

    Love the new design, it’s so much more intuitive :). Great work
    And keep it up!

  • Michael Webster

    Want one before the Apple TV 2.1 is released with the sole purpose to block the bootrom vulnerabilities.

  • Rriky92

    I want One!

  • iBuzman

    Yes please with a cherry on top!!

  • Sebbe

    I hope i win, to fullfill my apple-family;)

  • Kevin oneil

    You guys, I would really love one! I love your site, but I don’t have a Facebook or Twitter so I can fan or retweet anything. So I’m leaving a comment! Please pick me xoxoxoxo

  • Maggieaco

    Just wanted to say no need to give away free stuff in my opinion…Your website is one of my many iPhone/iPad information sources… Keep up da good work…

  • Adam

    Wow, sounds good. Count me in!

  • Luke Y

    I gonna win

    • Jay narayan

      Pick me!!!!

  • Emericl

    OMG !
    Nice Way to thank your readers.

    Hope i’ll get one of these tiny machines :)

    Liked the post on Facebook and retweeted with my twitter accourt (emericl)

  • deji dejex

    i hope i win…


  • Brooks Sanford

    Like someone has already said, this would be a completion to my Apple family.

  • Badar

    This is a very cool looking device. Checked it out @ the apple store recently. Its really tiny !
    But con is that its 720p only output

  • Jacob Mayle

    I really want one of these it would help me relax when I have to sleep at different places every so often.

  • Jeremy

    What an awesome giveaway.

  • Carlos Santos

    I wanna win so I can watch movies with my family :)

  • Hrushikesh Ghatpande

    That’s super amazing stuff!
    I’m sure fans will be so happy, and so would be me! :D
    Retweeting NOW….
    fan on facebook:
    RT’d on twitter:
    Hoping to get lucky! :)

  • Thanks ITD for new blog design (i like it) and offering this free giveaway :)

  • iSlinger

    Do want

  • Anwar Hussain

    Just yesterday, i noticed your new thematic design… Its really awesome and good work by cosmoslabs.. Nice giveaway looking to win is asap….

  • Luke

    I really need to win :P

  • Anwar Hussain

    I already commented but could get on spot……….

  • Joshua Baldwin

    Nice Blog Guys!! Id really like to win, my twitter is island219
    Joshua Baldwin

  • Count me in….Also retweeted…. :)

  • Hassan Gulzar

    Nice! Wouldn’t mind getting one of these…

  • Fabio

    I’d like to win !!!

  • Kyros Koh

    This is unbelievable! :)

  • Silvia Iuliana

    This is awesome, pretty cool device if you ask me. It would fit perfectly on my desk. Can`t believe how small and “powerfull” it is. I would be more than happy to accept the prize if i`m picked. Goodluck everyone and thanks ithinkdiff for doing a great jobs with this website.

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  • Austin Ritchie

    Having an Apple TV would be so awesome! I’m living with my grandparents, who don’t have television because they’re in the country

  • Grant Douglas

    How good would it be to win the prize, seriously! Great gesture from you guys and congratulations to which ever one of us wins it. Hopefully if I don’t win I’ll earn enough money to buy one over the next few months :P

  • Nice give away ;)

  • Count me in

  • Hamed Al Nasser

    Commented and retweeted…

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  • Jim Walsh

    We just love Apple everything…

  • shimbone shiver

    Apple is the best!!

  • Ivan

    I waaaaaant oneeeeeee baaadlyyyyy

  • Franck Neil

    Love your website and love even more the new apple tv ! ;) keep up the good work !

  • Nabeel

    Apple tv, sounds good. Free apple tv sound even better :P

  • Karen

    What a great giveaway!

  • Allie M.

    Finally, a chance to get away from macbook tv veiwing. fingers crossed! thanks guys!

  • I just liked you on facebook and retweeted this (@tammigirl)

    If I win this I will give it to my mother, who would use it to stream Netflix approximately 12 hours a day!

  • Tim

    Awesome giveaway. I just liked you on facebook and tweeted at


    tahearn at roadrunner dot com

  • Guido Sanchez

    I’m not entirely sure this was such a game-changer, and will be curious to see where we are in six months. Now that the networks are really struggling with Google TV (possibly boxing that out) and now that Boxee is moving to Hulu Plus exclusively, it seems that Apple TV may dominate the market, but I’m just not sure consumers are there, with so many “open” options already out there.

  • Hrushikesh Ghatpande

    I had posted earlier also but seems my comment didn’t get posted.

    Hrushikesh here. @thehrushi is my twitter handle.
    Retweeted. Commented here!

    Would love to have that Apple TV!

  • Brendan Rice

    would love apple tv, count me in

  • Robert

    iTD always has awesome giveaways on their Facebook fan page, I never win but that doesn’t make them any less awesome!!!!!

  • deji dejex

    hope i win this one

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