New Twitter client for iPhone – epicenter IO (free promocodes available!)


epicenter IO is the latest in Twitter clients in the App Store. It provides full support for basic Twitter functionality as well Twitter Lists, new style retweets and the likes. The design of epicenter IO is very neat and puts every feature in quick reach right in the main UI. There’s also a level of customization available with drag and drop rearranging similar to what is available in the default iPhone apps. Two different themes are also included to further personalize the UI to your liking.

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Photo sharing is available through Twitpic only. Tweets can be shared via email as well which can be very useful sometimes. The developer also promises free lifetime upgrades, so you can be rest assured that new features will keep coming in for this app without the need of buying a version 2 app for more features down the line.


  • full featured twitter client
  • postings, mentions, favorites & direct messages
  • view user profiles
  • follow/unfollow/block users
  • retweet feature NEW!
  • twitter lists NEW!
  • shake to refresh, quake
  • photo posting w/ twitpic support
  • share tweet via email
  • drag & drop for custom interface
  • different themes
  • support for future twitter features
  • app pricing (includes lifetime upgrades)

Overall, the app is simple and full of features. Just the way it should be. It’s available for $2.99 in the App Store.

Download epicenter IO from iTunes

We’ve got free promo codes available to give away for epicenter IO. Leave your comment on this post to be eligible for the giveaway!

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  • App looks so cool! I would love to get it

  • Manmohanjit Singh

    I’m in :P

  • Steve F

    Been looking for an alternative to tweetdeck for iphone, this looks good!

  • Danny Gregory

    looks cool. count me in.

  • Jesse

    Please sign me up for the giveaway. Thanks!

  • I’ll try ir right away!

  • Jan


    App looks really great. Nice UI. Would really like to test it. Would be nice if I could get a code!


  • Would like to check it out!

  • Also include the Twitter search features? I’d like to get a promocode, thanks :)

  • Ian

    Great looking app!

  • crystal

    looks like a great twitter with list!!

  • Marty

    has anyone tried it yet ?

  • Cool.

    Awesome UI @>

  • I like the look of it!

  • Alexander

    RT @hanskainz New Twitter client for iPhone – epicenter IO (free promocodes available!) (via @tweetmeme) – Great looking app! I really want to get it =)

  • red

    i would love to try it out

    please mail me a code

    many thanks

  • chris wilson

    Looks good. Sign me up for a try out please. Have loads of the twitter apps out there som am in a good position to compare. My current fav is Osfoora. Be interested to see how your app displays pics. Inline? Also the display of conversations too. Gimme a shout if interested.

    • Sorry, no more promo codes. It’s an old article.