Notion Ink’s Adam whoops iPad’s butt in specifications, but in software – not so much.

image You might have never heard of Notion Ink before, but it has been in the talks all over gadget blogs across the Internets. Why? It has way better specifications than the glorious iPad. Adam has almost double the battery life than that of the iPad, a PixelQi screen which can act as both a normal LCD display as well as an E-Ink like color display for longer reading hours and not to forget features like 1080p video support, HDMI output, nVidia Tegra 2 dual core processor, USB ports, 3MP autofocus camera and many more. Check out the complete specifications from Gizmodo after the break:

Notion Ink Adam

Yes, this thing is a real computer packed into a tablet, just like Windows Tablet PCs – except that it runs Android with a customized UI. You can run Flash on it, and do what ever the heck you want. It wont have a closed ecosystem like what Apple will promote with the iPad, so this means good news for all those mini-clip hardcore gamers out there looking for their fix while lying on their couches.

Check out the tablet in action in the video:

Except for the usual caveat of lack of around 140,000 apps to support it, Adam doesn’t leave much room for complaints now, does it? For us, this is the tablet geek dreams are made of, without the Apple branding. It provides the best of both iPad and Kindle in a single package.

No word on pricing yet, but it’s expected to be launched in the 3rd quarter of 2010.

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  • With excellent hardware sepcifications, improving the software of ADAM will not be that difficult. Afterall, India is where 70% world’s softwares are developed and tested.


  • Kind of agree with Uma in previous comment.
    Apple and Kindle have their own business agenda.

    How much it would take for apple to add camera to ipda? Why it won’t support flash??

    Why it controls what app goes into its products??
    Also why not integrate voice into it? May be some one will use skype.

    Now with amazon, reading device for 300$ and buy books only from amazon??

    come on guys…

    we need open systems and competition for consumers to get best deal.

  • “Except for the usual caveat of lack of around 140,000 apps to support it” It runs Android, which is well under way to surpass that and Linux which has way more applications then that (and I’m not talking little 320×400 pixel toy “Apps” either..)

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