Windows 7 Beta to be available by 5th January?


Rafael Rivera of Within Windows did a little digging around and found some interesting bits in the next Microsoft Action Pack Subscription quarterly update kit, which will ship on 5th January. According to him, the beta build has already been finalized internally and it’s just a matter of time before we get our hands on it. As reported by Mar Jo Foley, the beta build number will be 6.1.7000.0.081212-1400, where as we have already seen a screenshot of build 7004.0.081203-1830. No word on the private beta invites that were sent out to select beta testers a few days earlier. Anyhow, it seems that Windows 7 won’t stay in private beta testing for long.

Here’s a screenshot of the kit contents posted by Rafael.


We’ve been closely covering Windows 7 and its new features lately. Not only does it feature performance improvements, it features new power saving options, a new task bar ( dubbed the ‘super bar’), requires lesser disk space and even fixes the file copying bugs that we’ve grown to hate in Windows Vista!

Windows 7 is not a major release unlike some people wanted. It’s a minor incremental release, feature the same kernel mostly as Vista. It does have a few changes and contains spit and shine here and there that Vista missed. Windows 7 is more stable, contains many UI improvements, fixes the UAC issues as well as boots faster! We especially love the new boot screen that ships with Windows 7.

We just can’t wait to get our greedy hands on Windows 7 and test it out. We’ve really had enough of Vista and really want a better OS and Windows XP is simply not an option anymore since, well, it’s so 2001.

Let’s hope Microsoft doesn’t disappoint this time and has learned well from the Vista debacle. From what we’ve heard, the Windows 7 beta is going to be really amazing!

Windows 7 build 7004 Screenshot


Satisfy your taste buds, beta testers. The Windows 7 beta is very near!

Windows 7 build 7004Scott Wylie is Microsoft New Zealand’s Director of Platform and Development Strategy and posted this image on his blog post on his experience with this pre-beta build which is version 7004.0.081203-1830 according to WinFuture. This is still pre-beta as noted by Scott. No noticeable changes can be seen in this build so far. I do have hopes of new gadgets which enhance our experience, but time will tell. Also, interesting to see that Scott uses Chrome and Firefox as well. Not bad!

Windows 7 is Microsoft’s latest operating system releasing soon. This new version aims to please those who found Vista to be a resource hog and not worth their money. Vista was a not only a delayed release but it also cost a lot of bad publicity to Microsoft due to bad performance, utilizing more hardware resources than it should ( Windows 7 requires less memory and hard drive space despite being a newer OS! ) and deliver less than what was promised. Despite Vista’s release and the fanfare surrounding it, many users are still opting to stick with Windows XP since it’s a mature and stable OS and just works with everything out there. There are no UAC annoyances, software incompatibilities, driver failures ( I’m looking at you Nvidia! ) and all the things we’ve come to loathe in Vista

Here’s to hoping that Microsoft has finally gotten its act together with Windows 7 and learned from the mistakes they did with Vista. From what we’ve experienced so far, it seems like they have learned a lot. Under Steven Sinofsky’s leadership, we have nothing but high hopes for Windows 7 to be the OS that people actually want to use after Windows XP.

Microsoft Answers is here to help Vista users!


Sarah from Channel 10 blogged about Microsoft Answers (beta). It’s a website aimed at those who need help and support for rather mildly technical issues they encounter with Vista. Clearly, it’s aimed at novices from the questions I’ve read on it so far.

You can post any query you have and the community at Microsoft Answers will help you in the best way possible. There are already a lot of questions answered so you might just find the solution through some googling searching.

Windows 7 Beta release imminent



Just came across this on Neowin:

It would appear from the posting that Microsoft is currently readying site updates and download servers for the imminent release of the Windows 7 beta. Yesterday, German site Winfuture claimed that the beta would be released today and this could confirm the sites claims.

Yes, I’m excited if you can’t tell. A public beta so soon is hard to believe as the invited for private beta testing had just gone out. Could be a mistake, or we might be having a gift from Uncle Ballmer on Christmas!

Windows 7 is the latest in a long line of operating systems by Microsoft. Walking in the shadow of Windows Vista, 7 is an attempt to create an operating system which Vista couldn’t be – lighter, faster and better. Vista was planned for ages by Microsoft under the name of Longhorn but eventually it turned out to be a lot less featured than initially expected. Microsoft had widely over-promised a lot of features which never made it in Vista due to technical limitations and well, wild dreaming by the company. Features such as a revolutionary new UI, new file system called WinFS and so on were no where to be found. Even most of the UI features that geeks really loved in Longhorn were taken out in the Vista betas.

Windows 7 doesn’t aim to be a major operating system release. It is sort of a minor release which can be called as a better Vista. It improves performance, take up lesser space and works better with older hardware. It also works better with third party software and improves work flows in various use cases such as the UAC  pop-ups and the likes.

Small Basic v0.2 is out for Windows


Small Basic is a project from MSDN DevLabs aimed at kids and adults alike who are new to programming. It doesn’t scare you with a complex IDE and keeps things simple and fun. It is inspired by the original BASIC language but is based on .NET 3.5.

A simple fix for Windows Media Player Library issues


While using Windows 7 build 6956, I came across this issue where the library wouldn’t index my media files. I had my folders added, but that didn’t work. I tried resetting the media library, that didn’t work either, although it always did in build 6801. Then I realized this rather simple solution to my problem. I just dragged the media folders to the Windows Media Player library view, and it started processing the files and added them to the library. A very simple trick to add folders without navigating to options, and then browsing and adding folders manually. Although I doubt this will be needed later on, since this could be just a pre-beta bug. A handy tip to just add folders, full of your media files, quickly to the library. This should work in Vista as well, but confirmation needed for that.

Download the Windows Live Essentials offline installer


Windows Live Essentials takes to long to install for you? Internet connection unreliable? Then grab the full offline installer at this link. Using it, you can install all Windows Live Applications as well as their required components without having to connect to the Internet. And if you still haven’t upgraded yet, you really should! Don’t let the online installer hold you back.

Different new power saving options in Windows 7


Vista took a good step towards power saving by providing very customizable options to the end user to control different power schemes. In Windows XP, the control over your hardware’s power options wasn’t as refined as in Vista. But, Vista runs a lot of services, along with the added overhead of Aero, it turns out to be not-so-battery-friendly after all for most people, which is why they prefer to stay with XP.

Windows Live Messenger Wave 3 from Windows Live Essentials Review


image The new Windows Live Essentials Beta applications are available for download now at They have been updated to match the Windows 7 UI. Windows Live Messenger now has jump lists and new status icons in the superbar in Windows 7. The new sign in UI looks superb as well. Most other features have carried on from the last beta. For a review of them, check out Redmond Pie. Here’s a quick review of what you’ll find in the updated Windows Live Messenger.

Windows 7 Taskbar – Here’s what to like and what not to


Every one has been singing praises for the new Windows 7 taskbar or superbar as some call it. Sure, the superbar brings refined navigation to the table, but is it really worth it? While it is very flashy and seems to provide more options to get your work done and switch between windows and launch applications, it provides a more visual experience rather than a more productive one. Opinion may differ, but I’ve been using Windows 7 build 6956 for some time now, and I’ll point out the issues I’ve had with the superbar.

Blog Marketing: Different Unique Ways To Do It


We’re all seeking traffic for our website, blog or startup in one way or the other. Blog marketing on different advertisement networks is common but there are some unique methods which can be best described as out of the box thinking to market your product. And when I say out of the box, I mean way, way far from the box. Although, I can’t vouch for their effectiveness, but since they all involve females in one way or the other, it’s hard for them to fail.

Windows 7 Wallpapers from Build 6956


Windows 7 build 6956 has a collection of extremely beautiful wallpapers. Nature lovers would especially love them. Windows 7 has continued from Vista, where these great wallpapers on nature really started. Some of these wallpapers are from the US, as Windows 7 has regional specific themes. As with Vista, some of these wallpaper might not make it to Windows 7 RTM.

Difference between Windows 7 and Vista storage space usage


Windows 7 is already way faster in terms of boot time, responsiveness and performance. And since, Windows 7 is touted as a will-be-able-to-run great on netbooks OS, I checked the space usage of both operating systems.

Windows 7 – The difference between a good OS and just an OS


Windows 7 vs Vista File TransferI come across this a lot, when I have to transfer files from my notebook to my PC. I use Vista Ultimate Edition with Service Pack 1. If anyway thinks that SP 1 solved issues, well, they didn’t solve enough issues. On the contrary, if I use Windows 7 or TeraCopy, the transfer is relatively faster and reliable. Still, people defend Vista. Annoying Amazing, isn’t it?

If Vista is that good an OS as some claim to be, we shouldn’t be seeing such issues. Still, I have to use it, as it brings more features on the table than the out dated XP. So, we do like Vista, but with such annoyances, it seems that Vista doesn’t like us.

Windows Vista was probably one of the most ambitious efforts by Microsoft in their history. Known as Code-name Longhorn, during its development period, Windows Vista turned out to be huge dud in the OS community. Not only was it slow and bloated, most of the promised features before and during development never made the cut in the final version. To top this all off, the operating system was released very late.

Despite all this, Vista sold a huge number of licenses, thanks in large part to the OEM agreements that Microsoft has. Apple took advantage of this golden opportunity to market Mac as a better alternative through their Mac vs PC ads and sold a huge number of their computers with Leopard installed. They even went on to mock Windows Vista during their keynotes at MacWorld and various other Apple events.

Microsoft, being the huge giant it is, was slow to move but eventually realized where it fell short. Windows 7 is the bandage effort that seems like it would definitely pay off but even at its best, it’s the OS that Vista should have been for starters. It doesn’t really bring anything new to the table but tries to fix for Vista’s mistakes.

Windows 7 is their saviour.

Whether, this would pay off for Microsoft, only time will tell. But all the best testing and trying out leaked builds is making us hopeful for now.

Blogger Tales – The differences between a party and a blogger’s meet up


You would know the below if you’re a blogger.

You would rarely come across a person who has never attended a party. Similarly, you would rarely cross a person who has attended a blogger’s meet up, unless you are a blogger yourself and know many others of your kind. So, what makes a blogger’s meet up different than a normal party?