Spider-man for PlayStation 4 to release this year

Spider-man 2017 Sony PlayStation 4

We have not heard much about the Spider-man game since last year’s E3 reveal, but a statement from a Marvel executive seems pretty reliable. Insomniac Games’ PlayStation 4 exclusive Spider-man will be released in 2017 according to Ryan Penagos, vice president and exclusive editor of Marvel Digital Media.

How to use Night Light mode in Windows 10

Night light in Windows 10 Setting

Windows 10 recently got a new featured called Night Light. If you use iOS, macOS or Android, you would instantly recognize this feature known as Night Shift in Apple’s ecosystem and Night Mode in Google’s ecosystem. What Night Light does is, it filters out the blue light emission from your display, while showing warmer colors …

Use Rufus to create Windows or Linux bootable USB drives


Rufus is a free app for Windows which can be used to create bootable USB flash drives. The developer behind Rufus claims that the app is up to twice as fast at creating a USB drive, compared to Microsoft’s own Windows download tool as well as alternatives like UNetbootin, Universal USB Installer, RMPrepUSB and the …

Fix Windows 10 Start Menu not working

Windows 10 Start Menu not working

Ever since Windows 10 was released, a common issue that randomly plagues users is that the Start Menu, Cortana and task bar become unresponsive. I have had this unfortunate issue on a Lenovo tablet and the only solution used to be a complete reinstall for Windows. However, after some tinkering, I figured out that there …

AirPlay from Windows 10 to Apple TV with these apps

Windows 10 AirPlay to Apple TV

One of the biggest benefits of Apple’s ecosystem is the interoperability of the devices and software with each other. One example of this is AirPlay, which lets users use any iOS device or Mac to either mirror its display or stream any media content from it like photos, videos and music to an Apple TV. Officially, AirPlay …

Even iPhone 6s beats Samsung Galaxy S8 in Speed Test

iPhone 6s vs Samsung Galaxy S8

Despite faster processor and more RAM, it is a well established fact that Samsung’s Galaxy S8 has been unable to dethrone the performance king, iPhone 7. No surprises there, however what is shocking is that Apple’s 2015 flagship, iPhone 6s, is also able to beat the Galaxy S8 in a speed test, thanks to its …

Apple will live stream the WWDC 2017 keynote video

WWDC 2017

Apple has announced that it will be live streaming the keynote from WWDC 2017. This year’s WWDC will take place on 5th June at 10 a.m. PDT in San Jose, California. The event will consist of a keynote by Tim Cook and other top Apple executives, followed by sessions, hands-on labs and other get togethers from …

How to enable the new YouTube theme in any browser

YouTube New

YouTube has released a beautiful and fast performing new design for their desktop website. The new design brings a cleaner look, a dark theme as well as faster framework which would support quicker roll-out of features in the future. The new theme was initially limited to a select group of users using Google Chrome but …

How to fix Windows Store not loading error 0xD000000D

Windows Store

Windows has a habit of showcasing unpredictable behavior after major updates. One of these issues happened recently with yours truly, when Windows Store stopped working after the Windows 10 Creators Update. The error number that showed in the Windows Store app was 0xD000000D. Luckily, after a bit of research, the fix seemed simple.