Pokemon Go now in Italy, Spain and Portugal

Some of the best football playing nations get Pokemon Go


The most popular and in-demand game in the world, Pokemon Go is now available for audiences in Italy, Spain, and Portugal. These football-crazed nations will not have any problems running around their cities and towns in the hunt for Pokemon, Pokestops, Gyms. The release of Pokemon Go in these countries was augmented by the game’s release in Germany and UK, earlier this week.

Since Pokemon Go’s release in the USA, the only glitch in playing the game was the servers inability to support a large number of users once. Therefore, developer Niantic has, not only brought a speedy resolution of the issue but also delayed Pokemon Go’s release worldwide. For those keeping count, Pokemon Go is officially available in Germany, UK, Italy, Spain and Portugal in Europe.

While the release of the game is news to rejoice for some, at the same time, others are anxiously waiting for its official release in their countries.

Unauthorized downloads by impatient Pokemon trainers from countries where the game is not officially released yet are facing problems such as virus issues. This issue has been reported by Android users. Therefore, it is advised to wait to officially download the game from App store or Google Play when it is officially released.

Stay tuned for more Pokemon Go updates and check out our previous coverage of Pokemon Go to learn about its development, release pattern, updates, and most importantly, how to play and so on. Gotta catch ’em all!! Check out our Pokemon Go guide for tips and tricks to get started!

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