Save battery life while playing Pokemon Go with this setting

Get more time to catch them all


Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm. Unless you have been living in a cave, you would know that despite its limited release in the United States, Australia, and New Zealand, users have been getting their hands on the game all over the globe and putting in countless hours in it. 

So you have been playing Pokemon Go and struggling to capture your favorite Pokemon and visit Pokestops and Gyms. It takes a long time to do so and takes a toll on your smartphone or tablet’s battery life. Fortunately, for the gamers, there is a battery saver mode built into Pokemon Go for iOS and Android that can help you extend your gaming time in the app.

As per Pokemon Go support, battery saver disables the display while your device is pointed downward. The app continues to track your movement and notify you of nearby Pokemon.

Enable Battery Saver in Pokemon Go

  1. Open the game and make sure that you have registered and are logged in
  2. Press on the Pokemon ball at the bottom of the app and you should see the below screen. Tap the settings gear icon at the top right.battery saver Pokemon Go
  3. In the Setting screen, enable the Battery Saver as shown below.

battery saver Pokemon Go 2

The Pokemon Go craze has become so out of control that there are reports of crimes, trespassing, users capturing Pokemon during childbirth and even memes about its memes. Go ahead and download the game and see if you are lucky enough to register and avoid the server issues, if you have not already!

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