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View multiple time zones with Onetime app for iPhone

Onetime app for iPhone

Onetime is a new clock app for iPhone by Lunar which makes it quick to view the current time in different time zones. You can also use the Time Machine feature to move ahead or backwards on the clock, to see what time it would be in other places, compared to your local time.

Paper: Notes and Sketching app comes to iPhone

Paper, the beautiful sketching app by FiftyThree, has finally come to iPhone with new features such as note taking, photo annotations and improvements to sketching. A new improved home screen also makes it easier to organize and share your creations. All these new updates in version 3.0 are also available for iPad.

Plex coming to Apple TV, confirms cofounder

Plex Apple TV

Plex is one of the most popular home theater and media center apps for any platform that you can name. The developers behind Plex have confirmed that they will be developing an app for Apple TV. With Plex, users can organize stream all their media content across multiple devices.

Instagram Direct gets new features and improvements

Instagram Direct has gotten a number of new features after a long time. Instagram released the Direct messaging update to the app in 2013, which allowed users to share photos and videos privately with each other. After 85 million Direct users and 2 years later, Instagram is adding threaded messaging and quick sharing from feed, along with multiple …