Lima is your new Browser based Cydia Alternative

Developers have created a new browser based App store, similar to cydia, but on the web.  If you are familiar with the Android Marketplace or the Amazon App Store, this new Lima App Store allows you to download and install via the web. With Cydia getting over a million hits a day, the jailbreak market(…)

XBackup allows you to backup your jailbroken apps

If you have a jailbroken phone, and use apps from Cydia, then you know how much of a pain it is to upgrade your firmware and redownload all your apps again.  XBackup allows you to create a backup on your phone, and then sync that backup file to your computer via iTunes.  When you are(…)

Courier Functionality coming to iPad thanks to Taposé!

It was about a year and a half ago that  new concept product called the Courier was leaked from Microsoft. It was the perfect tablet, but sadly, it was cancelled.  It was a dual touchscreen tablet that folded in half like a book.  It was pre iPad and before the big tablet boom unfortunately.  However,(…)

Driver Feedback iPhone App uses your accelerometer to evaluate your driving

State Farm Insurance has released an app that allows you to record a trip, and then it evaluates your driving skills and habits to determine how “safe” of a driver you are or are not.  The app is called Driver Feedback and was released with the intention to help drivers in the areas of acceleration,(…)

Send SMS and MMS messages straight from your iPad for free with Textfree for iPad!

Send SMS and MMS messages straight from your iPad for free with Textfree for iPad!

Textfree was released on Friday for the iPad, allowing you to send and receive SMS and MMS messages right on your iPad.  Some of you may already be familiar with their original app for iPhone, Textfree Unlimited, which allowed you to send and receive texts on your phone for free, without using your allotted amount from AT&T.(…)

Windows Phone Device Manager Syncs Windows Phone 7 without Zune

An XDA developer imfloflo has published an alternative to Zune for syncing your Windows Phone 7 with your PC, called Windows Phone Device Manager for Windows Phone 7. It lets you interact your with your phone settings using a nice interface.

Final Cut Pro X Announced by Apple: 64-Bit and Only $299

The newest Final Cut Pro release, version ‘X’, was unveiled tonight at Supermeet at NAB in Las Vegas. Rebuilt from the ground up, the new Final Cut Pro X will have 64-bit support and will become available in June for only $299. The drastic price drop will be a major selling point against competitors such(…)

Microsoft Releases Bing App for iPad [Review]

Microsoft has released a Bing app for iPad. This isn’t their first Bing app for iOS, as they had already previously released a Bing app for iPhone. If you’re a Bing user with an iPad, this is the perfect app for you and it actually shows Google how to make a good search app.