Twitter for the Mac in the Mac App Store!

Twitter has made a breakthrough almost at the same time as the Consumer Electronics Show. It has proudly introduced a proper slick desktop application for the Mac systems which is now available on the Mac Application Store. Being fast and easy to use, this new Twitter application allows users to stay connected to their loved ones(…)

Verbs Instant Messaging App for iPhone Getting AIM, MobileMe and Droplr Support

Earlier today Verbs (the infamous new iPhone chat app) announced a new update to their app which would be available soon. According to a reply, the update will be available in about a week, hopefully. If you remember, when Verbs first arrived it only had Google Talk and CloudApp support. It felt rushed and unfinished(…)

Get SBSettings in the Multitasking Tray through SBSwitcher [Jailbreak App]

SBSettings is one of the most popular applications in Cydia which can perform a variety of actions liked ‘activate WiFi‘, ’Turn on Bluetooth’ or ‘Open VPN connections’ with just a swipe on top of your iOS device’s springboard. Now there’s a new tweak available called SBSwitcher, for $2.99 in the Cydia Store, which brings SBStetings(…)

HTC Release a Real YouTube App for Windows Phone 7

HTC have taken it on themselves to release a YouTube app for their Windows Phone 7 Devices. It’s a horrible fact that Microsoft didn’t bother to include a YouTube app, amongst many other features, in Windows Phone 7. Call it version 1.0 or whatever you like, but even iPhone had it since version 1.0 Anyhow,(…)

It’s Raining Goo Balls!!! World of Goo Comes To The iPad!

World of Goo is probably one of the most addictive and innovative games I’ve ever played. It has also won awards on every platform it has been released on so far and I have not doubts it’ll do that again now that it has been released on the iPad. Created by just two guys, World(…)

Flipboard 1.1 gets Google Reader and Flickr support

Flipboard, on of the most popular apps of the year for iPad, has been updated to version 1.1 with new features such as Google Reader and Flickr support. The app has also become more social with better integration with Facebook groups, fan pages and photos as well as Twitter favorites, mentions and lists. You can(…)

Apple releases iBooks 1.2 for iOS Devices with Collections, Print Support and More!

Apple has updated iBooks to version 1.2 with some major new features. You can now organize books and PDFs into personal Collections. This is a blessing for those with unorganized iBook Shelves. Fully illustrated books have also been added to the iBookstore ranging from children’s books to beautifully designed art books. Let’s see the Kindle(…)

Posterous release App for Android

Posterous is one of the simplest blogging platforms out there, even simpler than tumblr. Posterous lets you blog from just about any OS/browser you can send an email from thanks to its great email publishing feature. But sometimes, you actually desire a dedicated app. Posterous had come out with an iPhone app sometime ago and(…)