iMovie for iPhone 4 now available in App Store

Apple has just released iMovie for iPhone 4 in the App Store. iMovie is a video editor by Apple, exclusively made for the iPhone 4 (because it’s powerful enough to handle it). It was first announced at WWDC10. iMovie costs $4.99 and weighs in at just 30.6 MB. It is the first app I’ve seen(…)

Farmville released for iPhone. Let the farming begin!

Don’t read on if you hate Farmville. For all others, Christmas has come early. Farmville is a very popular Facebook game which lets you create a farm and then look after it. Since the game is made on Flash, a lot of people used it as an excuse to blast iPhone’s lack of the runtime.(…)

Skype for iOS 4 Update Coming Soon

One app that everybody is anxiously looking forward to for iOS 4 is Skype. Demoed at the iPhone 4 OS event, Skype showed how multitasking will work in iOS 4 for VOIP apps. It doesn’t have to be said, but the implementation looked wonderful. It runs in the background, pushes notifications for incoming calls and(…)

Download Windows Live Messenger for iPhone

As expected, Microsoft has released Windows Live Messenger v 1.01 for iPhone and it is now available for download from iTunes (US store only so far). It is available for both iPhone and iPod Touch and it provides a lot of Windows Live Messenger and social functionalities which let you see your Windows Live Home(…)

Radium – a great but simple Internet Radio Player for Mac

Internet radio is a great medium of listening to good music and discovering some new songs as well. There are countless apps out there ( even iTunes has the functionality ), but none of them compare to the simplicity that Radium offers. It requires almost no setup, sits in the menu bar and just works. It(…)

IMDb app for Windows Mobile released

If you’re a real movie fanatic and just don’t want to miss the buzz on the latest movies, you might want to try this IMDb app for your Windows Mobile handset. It has plenty of cool features which will keep you updated on latest movies, reviews and ratings.

Hulu app for Windows Phone 7 concept

Windows Phone 7 is shaping out to be quite an amazing mobile operating system. It’s just evolving into something really great, the apps looks great, it has great functionality and best of all it’s an eye candy for any user. For example, take a look at these concept images of the Hulu app.

Opera Mini now available in the App Store

Finally the wait is over! Opera Mini has been approved for the iPhone and it’s available on the App Store as we speak. It’s free, it’s fast and it does what Opera is meant to do, which other browsers can’t on a phone; provide a better internet experience at lightning fast speeds.

Kindle app for iPad now available in the App Store

Kindle 2.0 is now available in the App Store which is specially optimized for the iPad. The Kindle App for iPhone and iPod touch was available from last March and now its latest version is also available for iPad users. The App is designed to support the high resolution display of iPad. With this app(…)

Netflix app for iPad

Great news for all Netflix members, their official app is going to hit the iPad. It will be made available in the iPad App Store on launch day.

Video preview of OS X like Dashboard App for iPad

The iPad will be launched on 3rd April. Shipping notices have already been sent to many buyers. Many developers and companies are working on making iPad apps and at the launch day 100s of apps of iPad will also be released.

Yahoo iPad app screenshots

The free Yahoo App for iPad looks great, it has nearly all the good stuff that is on The look of the app from the screenshots is excellent. It will have all the news for you with all the sports updates and don’t forget, business and entertainment news as well.

Digg iPhone App now available for download

As expected, Digg’s iPhone app is now available for download in the App Store, and it’s available for free. The app has been made by Digg and TapTapTap and really provides a great experience for users on the go. It provides the complete functionality that you get on the website, so you wouldn’t need to(…)

Digg iPhone App hits the App Store tomorrow!

After ages of wait, Digg is finally launching a native iPhone app tomorrow. The app includes all the features such as browsing popular, upcoming and recent stories as well as allowing you to Digg or bury them. The app also seems to have comments and related stories unlike the Digg mobile site. The app should(…)