Android Market holding highest percentage of free apps

  Who doesn’t love free applications? But I don’t mind paying for professional high-quality applications, but come on! Who wouldn’t like using free apps! According to Distimo, Android Market has the highest percentage of free applications (don’t forget it has 25,000+ apps! available.

Second version of Blacksn0w to unlock iPhone 3GS New Bootrom?

The people behind the Gull1hack tool said they are working on a new unlocking tool for the iPhone 3.1.3 that comes with the 05.12.01 baseband on the iPhone 3GS with the new bootrom, using their version of Blacksn0w v2. You are free to believe the Gull1hack team, but nothing is for sure until the Dev(…)

Gull1hack: iPhone 3GS Untethered Jailbreak Claim

I just found out about an iPhone 3GS untethered jailbreak claim by the Gull1hack team. The source isn’t reliable so we can’t trust them if they will do it or not. Nothing can be verified at the moment, but they did post a video, and it sure looks promising! They claim it will work with(…)

Apple’s A4 ARM based Mobile Chips Costs $1 Billion to produce?

There has been a lot of talks and rumours going on all over the internet about the features and pricing of Apple’s much awaited Tablet, Apple iPad, and surprisingly, the price is low as well. But recently, there has been an article published on NY Times which tells us that the A4 ARM-based chips that(…)

Windows Phone 7 Series has an uphill battle against the App Store

We have all been talking for or against the iPad ever since it was announced. Some people were so disappointed and in denial, they went on to say that Apple still has another tablet in the works which will run OS X. While others like Josh Gruber say about iPad haters that they don’t ‘get(…)

Which is better: Amazon Kindle DX or Apple iPad? has developed  a software and hardware platform know as Kindle. Kindle is a wireless device for reading books. It provides a high quality resolution display that reads and looks like a real paper. With this device you can read books, magazines, blogs, newspapers etc.

iPhone 4G Leaked Pictures!

  iResQ has released pictures claiming they have the parts of the next generation iPhone 4G. As you can see it’s a bit taller then the last iPhones. But bear in mind, these pictures can be fake, and just for marketing purposes by iResQ. There seems to be a reflective surface over the phone’s speakers,(…)