Which is better: Amazon Kindle DX or Apple iPad? has developed  a software and hardware platform know as Kindle. Kindle is a wireless device for reading books. It provides a high quality resolution display that reads and looks like a real paper. With this device you can read books, magazines, blogs, newspapers etc.

iPhone 4G Leaked Pictures!

  iResQ has released pictures claiming they have the parts of the next generation iPhone 4G. As you can see it’s a bit taller then the last iPhones. But bear in mind, these pictures can be fake, and just for marketing purposes by iResQ. There seems to be a reflective surface over the phone’s speakers,(…)

FCC doubts AT&T is capable of handling the iPad

Can AT&T really handle the data demands of the iPad? FCC folks are wondering the same thing aloud. A blog post by Phil Bellaria, director of the National Broadband Task Force at the U.S. Federal Communications Commission suggests that the governmental body may also doubt how much more the overextended AT&T network can handle.

4th generation iPhone leaked picture?

Seriously, when did this happen? Wait, don’t answer that. No one cared about it, why? Simply because of all the iPad fuss. Engadget got a leaked photo of the iPad just before it was announced. It appears that the iPhone in the photo is a prototype of one of the handsets due to be released(…)

Fact or Fiction: iPad camera

Mission Repair just got their shipment of some iPad parts. The internal metal frame suggests a camera slot. Now, that looks like the place for an iSight camera to sit in, doesn’t it? Well to be sure, they removed the camera from a unibody MacBook, and guess what? It fits.

Quick overview of the new iPad apps

The iPad comes pre-loaded with the familiar built in apps that we’ve seen in the iPhone and iPod Touch before, only that they’ve been redesigned from the ground up. The conventional Safari browser works pretty much the same way it works on an iPhone. The Mail app offers a split-screen view that enables you to(…)