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Recent Steve Jobs Email Exchange was Fake [Debunked]

The latest email exchange of Steve Jobs with a customer who was very angry about the signal reception issues of iPhone 4 is fake according to Fortune. According to Apple PR, these emails exchanges reported by BGR were totally fake and none of the statements mentioned in that post were made by Steve Jobs.

Some iPhone 4 have Camera Coloring Problems. Really?

Its been just nearly a week since the launch of iPhone 4 and the issues with it are piling up every day! The two biggest issues that users have reported are signal reception issues and the other is that its ‘helicopter grade’ glass breaks if it falls from an average height. Several other issues have …

Steve Jobs recent Conversation about iPhone 4 signal issues

The biggest issue that is reported with iPhone 4 is its signal reception issue and people are really getting sick of Apple’s excuses. Many people have emailed Steve Jobs and get replies like, ‘this is not an issue just change the position of you iPhone‘ and “Stay Tuned”. The problem is still the same and Apple is …

Verizon iPhone may launch in January next year

Some months ago before the launch of iPhone 4 we heard some rumors that Verizon will get the iPhone during the later part of this year. Now,  Bloomberg has reported that iPhone will launch on Verizon in January 2011. This will finally end the exclusivity of AT&T for the iPhone in the United States.

Hints of iWork coming to the iPhone

Earlier this month a screenshot showed that iPhone will have ability with iOS 4 to open attachments in external applications. Also when iPhone 4 was unveiled at WWDC a slide showed an option to send something to iWork and that slide was quickly replaced.

White iPhone 4 mystery solved.

Two days ago we posted that some guys got White iPhone 4 from the UK Apple store. A Skynews video clearly showed that a couple of people were using a White iPhone 4 near Apple Store. This was a very surprising news because even Apple Store in US did not have supplies of White iPhone 4 …