Notable Apps this week in App Store for iPhone and iPad

The Sims 3 Ambitions Let’s start this new week with the obvious The Sims 3 Ambitions. This is the expansion to the top grossing app The Sims 3 which has been shrunk to fit onto your iPhone. This new Sims allows you to have babies and follow new career paths as a Chef or even(…)

iAds keeps both Developers and Advertisers happy with early results

Apple announced iAds with iOS 4 and just like all things Apple, iAds looked impressive and different then other advertising services. iAds launched on 1st July and in this small time, according to a report by Los Angeles Times, both advertisers and developers are happy with the service so far.

Create Android Apps by simple drag and drop with App Inventor

To develop a good app, you normally need good coding skills in whatever language your are making it. This makes it difficult for people who have ideas but not good coding skills to come up with awesome apps. But now, Google has allowed people without any coding skills to make some crappy great apps by introducing(…)

Background Music with and Spotify, Approved for iOS4

Finally you can play music in the background of your iPhone 4 using which is approved by Apple on iOS4. This is great news for all the music loving people. Another big news is that Spotify,a digital music service that gives you access to millions of songs, has also been approved for the iOS4.(…)

App Store now Featuring ‘Awesome’ iOS 4 Apps

After the announcement of iOS 4, we were wondering when the App Store will have a section for it. Finally, App Store is now featuring loads of iOS 4 enabled apps. Its really easy to find some amazing Apps on App Store which are ready to make use of most of the new iOS 4(…)

Make non-iPad apps run full screen (not just pixel-doubling) on the iPad!

Apple did a somewhat smart thing by allowing all iPhone/iPod Touch app to run in double the size on the iPad. Even though the apps look pixelated, they do work. Which makes one wonder, why didn’t Apple just make the apps run full screen on the iPad instead of just double their size? They look(…)

Microsoft releases 3 new apps for the Zune HD

The Zune HD is half naked when it comes to apps, it’s just short of everything for now. Even though it got a Facebook and Twitter app after a long wait, but that’s just about it. But now Microsoft has just released 3 new apps for the Zune HD, not quite exciting, but the Zune(…)

iTunes to implement Facebook Connect

We’re already well aware about the fact that iTunes Store is live on Facebook and you can make your purchases directly from their Facebook page. The upcoming feature would allow us to share what we’ve purchased via iTunes to other users on Facebook.

iPad App Store Screenshots are Out

App Annie has found some unseen iPad App Store screenshots which unravels many things. One screenshot shows how the iPad App store homepage would look like. In another screenshot on one side paid Apps are shown with their prices and on the other side top free iPad software are shown.

First Windows Phone 7 Series partner apps unveiled

As usual, Engadget has posted information about a Microsoft event, before it has happened, thanks to early access to press releases. There is a huge list of dev partners that Microsoft has gathered for Windows Phone 7 Series to boot with. It includes big names like EA Mobile, Foursquare, Seesmic and the likes. Based on(…)

Android Market holding highest percentage of free apps

  Who doesn’t love free applications? But I don’t mind paying for professional high-quality applications, but come on! Who wouldn’t like using free apps! According to Distimo, Android Market has the highest percentage of free applications (don’t forget it has 25,000+ apps! available.

BlackBerry twitter clients: Seesmic or UberTwitter?

We can’t deny the fact that Twitter is growing everyday. Twitter is now attached to our everyday life. That’s why it isn’t limited just to the desktop, it’s also on everyone’s phones now. You can access it via your data connection ( use the the mobile website ), or just download a twitter client. One(…)

Preview iPhone apps in your browser

It was always a hassle to view applications for the iPhone for people who didn’t have the iTunes software for a whole set of reasons. All that changed today since Apple now lets you preview apps in your browser!

DragonFireSDK lets you develop iPhone apps on Windows!

DragonFireSDK has managed to release what seems to be an extension for Microsoft Visual C++, which is really an SDK for developing iPhone apps on Windows. Yes, what you just read is completely true, and 100% working!

Quick overview of the new iPad apps

The iPad comes pre-loaded with the familiar built in apps that we’ve seen in the iPhone and iPod Touch before, only that they’ve been redesigned from the ground up. The conventional Safari browser works pretty much the same way it works on an iPhone. The Mail app offers a split-screen view that enables you to(…)

New iPhone 3G S Ad by Apple: 12 Days of Xmas

Apple has released a new iPhone 3G S ad just before Christmas called 12 Days of Xmas. It shows 12 apps that range from card sending, to cooking, gift sending and other such holiday traditions. It ends with an app that can light up your Christmas tree. Now, that is cool!

Free Apps in Ovi Store for the holiday season!

The holiday season is here and the people over at the Nokia Ovi Store have decided to be generous the whole month of December. They are offering free premium apps all this month for touch screen Nokia devices! Everyday, a new app will be up for grabs, all you have to do is follow @ovibynokia(…)

Zune HD firmware 4.3 released – Supports upcoming Games and Apps

Finally something new for the Zune HD, just when I thought that they had lost momentum. A new firmware update, version 4.3 for the Zune HD, brings support for upcoming games and apps, improved browsing as well as text input along with many additions and bug fixes.

Inside the top secret Microsoft Apps Lab

Microsoft is trying hard to get developers excited for Windows Marketplace, while at the same time taking shots at the competition, namely Apple’s App Store. While most iPhone users are fond of the $0.99 Fart apps and the likes, Microsoft thinks such apps are worth rejecting. This recently posted video on the Windows Mobile Dev(…)