AT&T Getting Ready To Launch iPhone 5 This September!

AT&T is said to be preparing for the launch of the next generation iPhone. BGR reports that they have “exclusively learned” that AT&T has spoken to and asked for internal plans for launching the iPhone 5. For example, they have asked to finish any employee training as soon as possible, and prepare for the large(…)

iOS 4.3 Personal Hotspot Feature Enabled By AT&T For Developers!

Apple introduced the Personal Hotspot feature when it showcased the Verizon CDMA iPhone 4 for the first time. Soon after, the feature was also incorporated in the iOS 4.3 beta released to developers which brought the WiFi hotspot to AT&T / GSM iPhones as well, though the feature is carrier dependent. To battle the competition,(…)

Parody of Apple’s New iPhone 4 Commercial with AT&T and Verizon

And here’s the parody of the ‘two is better than one’, iPhone 4 commercial by Apple. Features both AT&T and Verizon, but obviously it’s AT&T who gets the beating here. Choppy frame rates in FaceTime, websites not opening, App Store not working due to connectivity issues and what not.

Apple’s New iPhone 4 Commercial Features Both AT&T and Verizon

The first commercial by Apple after the Verizon announcement has been released. Apple shows off two iPhone 4s, one from Verizon and one from AT&T showing off how they are both the same despite being on different networks. Of course, there’s a small footnote saying features may vary by carrier at the end of the(…)

White iPhone 4 Appears On AT&T, Three & Orange Websites!

And here we go again. The much-delayed and over hyped white iPhone 4 pops up on the scene once again. According to BGR, it looks like AT&T’s ordering system now lists 32GB and 16GB models of white iPhone 4. Around one week back, the device had also appeared inside Best Buy’s inventory system. There is(…)

Buy iPhone 3GS For $50 Only At AT&T!

Wow! This sounds real sweet for someone looking for a late New Year present. AT&T has just announced a massive price drop on iPhone 3GS handsets to a mere $50, starting from tomorrow. It seems that the move is aimed at competing with certain smartphones such as Nokia communicator, Motorola RAZR, some older Blackberrys and(…)

iPad coming to AT&T stores from October 28th

Apple today announced in two different press release that the iPad will be available on both AT&T and Verizon stores in US starting October 28th. Apple announced that all the three Wifi+3G models will be available at more than 2,200 AT&T stores  in US from the 28th of this month. The company will offer their(…)

iPhone 4G will go on sale soon after WWDC

Everybody is looking forward to WWDC 2010 as it will serve as the launchpad for the next generation iPhone 4G/HD. AT&T has confirmed to its employees that iPhone 4G will be available for purchase in June soon after the its launch at WWDC as reported by BGR.

iPad 3G doesn’t stream every video on AT&T

Looks like there’s some bad news for iPad 3G users. Although the iPad 3G has an added advantage of you roaming around without staying within a specific wifi hotspot but AT&T doesn’t allow streaming videos in some apps, how uncool is that!

AT&T blocks vacations for employees in June for what? iPhone?

Apple really likes to giveaway hints about what’s to come in the near future, for example taking away holidays from people so they can stick around for the launch of something, and this time the hint points towards the launch of the new iPhone HD/4G this summer.

FCC doubts AT&T is capable of handling the iPad

Can AT&T really handle the data demands of the iPad? FCC folks are wondering the same thing aloud. A blog post by Phil Bellaria, director of the National Broadband Task Force at the U.S. Federal Communications Commission suggests that the governmental body may also doubt how much more the overextended AT&T network can handle.

AT&T and Sprint 3G Nexus One in the works

While you can buy it unlocked for $530, you will be unable to run it on AT&T’s or Sprint’s 3G network. The Nexus one currently supports the 3G radio frequency of T-Mobile in the United States. Google recently filed an FCC for a version of the Nexus One with WCDMA Bands I, II and V,(…)

Who is getting rich off the iPhone?

Here’s an awesome info graphic by GigaOM which shows how much everyone is earning off the iPhone. If you thought that it’s just Apple, you’ve been wrong the whole time. AT&T isn’t in the deal with Apple just for nothing. And for those who always wondered, the 16GB iPhone 3G S costs just $178.96 to(…)

Download TouchFlo 3D 2.5 Theme for Windows Mobile 6.5

AT&T is set to release HTC Touch Diamond2, codenamed Warhawk, next month. It’ll be equipped with Windows Mobile 6.5, a 3.2 MP camera, expandable memory and of course, a 3.2-inch shiny touch screen.