Xcode 4.1 Released On Mac App Store, Get It Now!

Apple released Xcode 4.1 on the Mac App Store on Wednesday. Previously, the application was available to users for a one-time fee of $4.99 from the Mac App Store, or if they had a developer account they could download it for free from the Developers Center. The new version includes the latest OS X Lion(…)

Adobe to resume work on Flash Packager for iPhone tool

Yesterday, Apple announced their new App Store development agreement and guidelines that ease the number of restrictions on App Store app development which also includes a relaxed policy on third party development tools. In response to this change, Adobe has mentioned that they will again start working on for their Packager for iPhone tool in(…)

Windows Phone Developer Tools CTP Refresh available now

Calling all Windows Phone 7 developers! Great news for you all. Windows Phone Developer Tools CTP has been refreshed and now works with Visual Studio 2010 RTM! This means that you can now install the Windows Phone Developer Tools CTP – April Refresh along with Visual Studio 2010 RTM to work on your apps.

Zune HD Hacked – OpenZDK released for development

ZuneBoards has proudly announced that they have successfully hacked ZuneHD and its previous versions. This is not the first hack but it is described as the “the first true hack” available for Zune.

.NET coming to Android in the form of MonoDroid

Novell has a working version of Mono called MonoTouch for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad which lets you create C# and .NET applications for the platform with .NET bindings for native iPhone APIs. It integrates with XCode, so .NET developers can easily work on creating stunning apps for the iPhone. Seems as if Novell(…)

Visual Studio 2010 to launch on April 12 at DevConnections 2010 in Las Vegas

Visual Studio 2010, currently at release candidate status, will finally be launched on April 12, at DevConnections 2010 in Las Vegas. The Visual Studio Conference & Expo will serve as the launching pad for the much awaited next generation of Microsoft’s IDE which will support development for Windows 7, SharePoint 2010, Office 2010, Windows Azure,(…)

Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4 release candidate now available for MSDN subscribers

Visual Studio 2010, the latest version of Microsoft’s IDE with a new improved UI built using WPF and tools for Windows 7 and SharePoint 2010 development has already been delayed. Originally slated for 22nd March, the release was delayed to performance issues. The latest launch date has been set for April 12, 2010. Appropriately, Microsoft(…)