GeoHot & Sony Settle PlayStation 3 Jailbreak Lawsuit, Silently!

It sure comes as a surprise move from Sony announcing that they have already come to a settlement with George Hotz aka Geohot regarding PlayStation 3 jailbreak lawsuit. According to the official statement, an agreement was reached last month on March 31st in which GeoHot has agreed not to publish the code while admitting that(…)

Geohot Sets Up A New Blog, Asks For Donations To Fight Sony’s Lawsuit!

George Hotz aka Geohot, the genius behind the first ever iPhone unlock, the developer of Blackra1n / Limera1n jailbreak tools and the mastermind behind the PlayStation 3 jailbreak has decided to open up a new blog with latest updates regarding Sony Computer Entertainment America’s lawsuit against him for releasing the PS3 jailbreak. After discussing the(…)

Geohot’s Live Interview Regarding PS3 Lawsuit On G4TV’s Attack of the Show [VIDEO]

Geohot’s latest PlayStation 3 jailbreak made Sony so furious that they filed a lawsuit against him asking courts to block all his publications regarding PS3’s jailbreak code and remove his published work from all over the internet. Yesterday, Geohot was interviewed live on G4’s Attack of The Show regarding this lawsuit. Kevin Pereira from G4TV talked(…)

Sony expresses its ‘awareness’ and concerns over the recent PlayStation 3 hacks

The Playstation 3 network has recently been the target of a German hacker group called, failOverflow (also hacked open the Nintendo Wii) and George ‘Geohot’ Hotz (also played an active part in jailbreaking the iPhone) who released the root key for Playstation 3 hacks for everybody to use. All this, in turn, completely dismantled the(…)

Geohot Releases “dePKG” PS3 Firmware Package Decrypter [BREAKING NEWS]

After all the drama revolving around Sony’s EPIC FAIL regarding PS3 security hole which led to the fail0verflow exploit, the genius hacker Geohot makes another comeback and this time helping the PS3 jailbreak scene instead of the usual iOS. He has released a very useful linux based PS3 firmware package decrypter called dePKG that would(…)

Geohot’s New Bootrom Exploit To Jailbreak iPhone 5 & iPad 2 Untethered!?

The recent return and release of Limera1n from Geohot was a shocker for most of us. What’s even more shocking to learn now is that he still has some other bootrom level exploit reserved to jailbreak iPhone 5 & iPad 2 or other future iOS devices, all untethered for life! It has been reported and confirmed(…)