iPhone 4G

iPhone 4G/HD prototype turns out to be real as found by Gizmodo

Well it looks like the iPhone that was discovered by Engadget some days ago was a real prototype of iPhone 4G. Somehow Gizmodo got hold of that iPhone 4G prototype and they just confirmed that this device is the real deal. Although Apple may change the final packaging of the device but still the internals(…)

Possible iPhone HD/4G was a Japanese iPhone clone

Yesterday we saw some images of an iPhone which looked like a prototype of the iPhone HD/4G that would be unveiled by Apple this summer. But today applesfera revealed that it was a Japanese clone of iPhone as their reader contacted them with some pictorial proof.

Possible iPhone HD/4G Prototype Found in a Bar

Engadget somehow got the chance to take some pictures of the prototype of iPhone HD/4G. The story of how they got these photos is very interesting as posted on Engadget.

Awesome iPhone HD/4G concept video running OS 4

iPhone 4G with OS 4.0 is expected to launch this June. Anthony De Rosa of ADR studios has created some concept images and a video of iPhone 4G running OS 4.0 and it looks really good! The video shows a good-looking metallic body with a front camera and the latest iPhone OS in action.

iPhone HD or 4G to have a a front facing camera and LED flash

Funkyspacemonkey has been doing a little digging around in the iPhone OS 4 Beta and has found a list of new APIs which points to the inclusion of a front facing camera \and LED flash in the next generation iPhone HD or 4G ( whatever the name maybe ).  If you look at the first(…)

Apple will charge for future iPad updates – just like with the iPod Touch

This piece of news isn’t really news, although it is being considered so. If you have just started following Apple, here’s a quick rundown of history: Apple provides major iPhone updates for free, while iPod Touch users have to pay for them. Similarly, Apple will charge for future iPad updates after OS 4.0 which should(…)

iPhone 4G Leaked Pictures!

  iResQ has released pictures claiming they have the parts of the next generation iPhone 4G. As you can see it’s a bit taller then the last iPhones. But bear in mind, these pictures can be fake, and just for marketing purposes by iResQ. There seems to be a reflective surface over the phone’s speakers,(…)

iPhone SDK: Key to the truth?

iPhone SDK: Key to the truth?

In case you were wondering about the existence of the 4th generation of the iPhone, this is for you. The iPhone SDK reveals everything: The new iPhone is in works, under the codename of N89, 3G S being the N88.

Rumor says iPhone 4G to get Adobe Flash support and much more

It looks like we are in for an iPhone 4G rumor week. A day before Yesterday, there was a rumor that suggested iPhone 4G will be getting a new and a slightly larger Sim card tray. Well, the latest rumor is bigger than the Sim card tray one. Apparently, we have got our hands on(…)

iPhone 4G may get a larger Sim Card Tray

Engadget has come up with a latest rumor related to Apple products. According to the rumor, there is a new Sim Card Tray being developed for the upcoming Apple product. The new product might be named iPhone 4G or iTablet, we don’t know what will be the ultimate name for the rumored product.