iPhone HD

iPhone 4 unveiled at WWDC 2010 by Apple

Finally, iPhone 4 has officially been unveiled by Apple just a few moments ago at WWDC10. Steve Jobs unveiled iPhone 4 with the line, “stop me if you’ve already seen this”. Talk about being funny out of something that should piss him off. Anyhow, the design is exactly what we’ve been seeing over the past few(…)

New leaked Images show White Back Panel and other parts of iPhone 4G/HD

These leaks just don’t seem to stop. New pictures of the white back panel of the next generation iPhone 4G/HD have leaked via PowerbookMedic which seem to be of a prototype iPhone model because of the model number and identification labels on it. Apart from the back panel, the glass digitizer and midboard are also(…)

Video of iPhone 4G/HD parts from Portugal

This is getting kind of annoying but here we go again: Yet another iPhone 4G/HD leak is in the wild. This time it’s from Portugal, not Vietnam, France or the U.S. iPhone Portugal somehow got 2 copies of the Aluminum  chassis of the next-gen iPhone 4G from China. They claim that these parts were not(…)

Some more facts about iPhone 4G via DigiTimes analyst Ming-Chi Kuo

The launch of the iPhone 4G is just a few days away and everybody has questions in their mind about it specially because of the huge number of leaks. DigiTimes senior research analyst Ming-Chi Kuo recently discussed about the rumors and facts about the iPhone 4G and his discussion revealed some interesting information about the(…)

iPhone 4G will go on sale soon after WWDC

Everybody is looking forward to WWDC 2010 as it will serve as the launchpad for the next generation iPhone 4G/HD. AT&T has confirmed to its employees that iPhone 4G will be available for purchase in June soon after the its launch at WWDC as reported by BGR.

Another iPhone 4G/HD leaked- this time with a White Surface

Looks like Apple is now getting used to watching iPhone 4G leaks as today there is yet another iPhone 4G leak. This time Apple.Pro got hold of this leaked iPhone 4G and interestingly the surface of this iPhone is completely white.

New leaked videos of iPhone 4G/HD from Vietnam

Another week, another iPhone 4G leak. As if the previous iPhone-Gizmodo fiasco, Vietnam iPhone 4G leak and the French iPhone leak weren’t enough, here’s an0ther new leak via Vietnam as reported by CrunchGear via Nowhereelse.

Yet another iPhone 4G prototype leak! And this one runs iPhone OS 4

Engadget is reporting that yet another iPhone 4G leak has appeared from Vietnam on an online forum. The cool thing about this leak is that it isn’t running any debug OS but iPhone OS 4! Engadget thinks that this is an older prototype than the one Gizmodo had found as it is marked ‘N90 PRO2’(…)

Even more new iPhone HD/4G pictures leak!

Apple has completely lost it – along with countless iPhone 4G prototypes. The company that was known for its tight secrecy should be feeling outraged and embarrassed over the leaked prototypes of one of its flagship products, finding their way on the Internet.

iPhone 4G/HD can go on Sale just after WWDC

According to a report by Mashable it is expected that Apple may launch their next generation iPhone HD/4G just after the World Wide Developers Conference which is scheduled to begin on 7th of June. This is  what Ben Parr has to say:

Apple wants their iPhone 4G back

At last the mystery of the lost iPhone has finished and now it’s confirmed that Gizmodo have the  real iPhone 4G prototype. Apple’s senior legal chief Bruce Sewell has contacted Gizmodo and asked them to give their iPhone back.

iPhone 4G/HD prototype turns out to be real as found by Gizmodo

Well it looks like the iPhone that was discovered by Engadget some days ago was a real prototype of iPhone 4G. Somehow Gizmodo got hold of that iPhone 4G prototype and they just confirmed that this device is the real deal. Although Apple may change the final packaging of the device but still the internals(…)

Possible iPhone HD/4G Prototype Found in a Bar

Engadget somehow got the chance to take some pictures of the prototype of iPhone HD/4G. The story of how they got these photos is very interesting as posted on Engadget.

Awesome iPhone HD/4G concept video running OS 4

iPhone 4G with OS 4.0 is expected to launch this June. Anthony De Rosa of ADR studios has created some concept images and a video of iPhone 4G running OS 4.0 and it looks really good! The video shows a good-looking metallic body with a front camera and the latest iPhone OS in action.

iPhone HD or 4G to have a a front facing camera and LED flash

Funkyspacemonkey has been doing a little digging around in the iPhone OS 4 Beta and has found a list of new APIs which points to the inclusion of a front facing camera \and LED flash in the next generation iPhone HD or 4G ( whatever the name maybe ).  If you look at the first(…)

Apple will charge for future iPad updates – just like with the iPod Touch

This piece of news isn’t really news, although it is being considered so. If you have just started following Apple, here’s a quick rundown of history: Apple provides major iPhone updates for free, while iPod Touch users have to pay for them. Similarly, Apple will charge for future iPad updates after OS 4.0 which should(…)