Periscope for Android App Launches in Play Store

Periscope is the latest sensation in the social media and real time communication world. It allows you to quickly start a live video stream to your friends or to the world, view comments and hearts (the Periscope equivalent of likes) and view replays for up to 24 hours. It is really simple to pick up(…)

Make YouTube Videos Play in 1080p By Default In Every Desktop Browser

Make YouTube Videos Play in 1080p By Default In Every Desktop Browser

YouTube has support for almost all types of popular video formats now: HD, 4K, 3D and 360. However, YouTube does not allow you to set a default setting to play videos in either format. For people with fast Internet connections, this is a let down as more often than not, they have to manually update(…)

YouTube Debuts Redesigned Player And 60FPS 4K Videos Via TestTube

YouTube Debuts Redesigned Player And 60FPS 4K Videos Via TestTube

4K displays on phones, tablets and TVs are all the rage nowadays but sadly, there is not enough content to enjoy in ultra high definition. YouTube has been quick to support 4K videos though since some time. Now, through TestTube, it has rolled out experimental support for 60 frames per second 4K videos along with(…)

Make Safari for Mac Work Like Google Chrome With These Extensions and Tips

Make Safari for Mac Work Like Google Chrome With These Extensions and Tips

Safari on Mac is a speedy and efficient browser but it lacks some very useful features that Google Chrome users love. Simple features such as automatic translation, quick tab restore, website favicons and much more are simply not available as part of Safari but thanks to extensions, the experience can be enhanced, while keeping the(…)

Responsive Design Bookmarklet Makes Responsive Design Testing Easy

Responsive Design Bookmarklet Makes Responsive Design Testing Easy

Responsive design is all the craze nowadays. In case you don’t know, responsive design is a website theme/layout that adapts to different screen sizes with just one code base, instead of different ones for each size. Websites such as yours truly, Mashable, ReadWriteWeb, TheNextWeb have responsive designs so you can simply resize this browser window ((…)

Facebook Reaches 1 Billion Active Users Milestone, Announces Mark Zuckerberg

The social media giant, Facebook, has announced today that it has now reached one billion active users milestone who are “actively” spending time on the website. The company achieved the milestone on September 14 at 12:45 PM PST. Facebook also announced that it now 600 million mobile users. This also means that one-seventh of the(…)

Mozilla Demonstrates Firefox Junior for iPad

Mozilla might be there on all major desktop platforms out there like Windows, OS X and Linux along with mobile platforms such as Android but it has yet to make a dent on iOS. The reason being that Apple doesn’t allow third party browsers to use their own rendering engines. Call it anticompetitive or not,(…)

Facebook Could File For IPO Next Week. Could Be The Next $100 Billion Company!

If WSJ’s sources are correct, we could all be witnesses for one of the biggest IPO fillings for a US technology company in history. With more than 800 million users, Facebook’s value is estimated at anywhere between $80 to $100 billion and it’s highly expected that the company could raise up to $10 billion in(…)

Download Safari 5.1 With Tons Of new Features [OS X & Windows]

Apple has just released Safari 5.1 with lots of new features and is now available for download for both Mac OS X and Windows users. New features include Multi-touch gestures, Reading List and full screen browsing. There are some new Privacy and security features that have also been introduced. Complete official release of new features(…)

You Can Now Get Spotify In The US Officially! [VIDEO]

Spotify, the online music service, has finally landed in the US. The unlimited music service let’s you stream your favorite music via the internet using either a free (desktop only) or an ad-free paid account which gives you additional access to high quality music via your mobile devices. With Spotify Premium, you can easily build(…)

Facebook Video Chat In Collaboration With Skype, Coming Next Week!

Facebook has planned a "surprise event" on July 6 as announced by Mark Zuckerberg, the company CEO while addressing the press earlier. He tipped off the journalists that an "awesome" product will be launched at the event so "Please join us for an event at Facebook" on 6th of July. Wondering what the new product(…)

How Often Do Facebook Users Change Their Photos [Infographic]

How Often Do Facebook Users Change Their Photos [Infographic]

Pixable have created a new infographic with statistics compiled from more than 500,000 Facebook users which shows the behavior of users while dealing with profile photos. Unsurprisingly, most women change their profile pictures more often than men do. Also, the average profile photo has 3 likes and 2 comments. Seems just about right for any(…)

Google Talk Brings Video/Audio Chat to Android

Awesome updates from the Google Mobile team just keep rolling out. Recently Google released a Google Docs app for Android, and now comes the ability to video/voice chat using Google Talk. Similar applications, like Fring and Tango, have sought to bring a facetime-like experience to Android. Now, with video chat being built-in to Google Talk(on(…)

How To: Add Custom Home Screen Icons On Your iPhone and iPod Touch! [Guide]

One of the greatest advantages to jailbreaking has been, and likely always will be, the ability to set themes via Winterboard. But, what if you could assign custom icons to your web apps without even jailbreaking? Thanks to madebysquad, you can. Here’s a simple guide to easily customizing your home page bookmarks: These steps are(…)