iPhone 4 Signal issues

Apple finally release statement about iPhone 4 reception issues

After a week of hearing about and reading tons of emails about the reception issue of iPhone 4, Apple has finally released a public statement about this problem. According to this statement of Apple, this is only a software issue and iPhone 4 has no hardware problem. They have done something wrong for calculating the signal(…)

Steve Jobs recent Conversation about iPhone 4 signal issues

The biggest issue that is reported with iPhone 4 is its signal reception issue and people are really getting sick of Apple’s excuses. Many people have emailed Steve Jobs and get replies like, ‘this is not an issue just change the position of you iPhone‘ and “Stay Tuned”. The problem is still the same and Apple is(…)

Apple’s answer to iPhone 4 Reception Issues : Hold it differently

Just after the launch of iPhone 4, many users found that when you touch its Antenna Band, it loses Signal strength. Users are reporting that when they hold iPhone 4 from the bottom left corner then the signals drops. Today Engadget approached Apple about this problem and got an official statement :