iPhone 5 Release

iPhone 5 Evidence Mounts, Points Towards Dual-Mode “World Phone”

Many of us are frustrated with the fragmentation that GSM and CDMA offer. While there are many other wireless technology standards, these two are the most popular ones. According to a new report by Tech Crunch, the next generation iPhone will support both modes making it a “World Phone”. The site received a tip from(…)

AT&T To Employees: iPhone 5 Is Coming, You’re Gonna Get “Really, Really Busy”

As we come closer to the iPhone 5 launch, we’re also getting confirmations from various sources that the Apple is in fact going to launch the next generation iPhone in early October. Image Source: Business Insider According to BGR, one of AT&T’s Vice Presidents has told several employees that Apple will be launching the iPhone(…)

Apple To Ship iPhone 5 In September 2011, Orders 15 Million Units!

According to a recent report by DigiTimes China, Apple has placed an order of 15 million iPhone 5 units to Pegatron Technology which is scheduled to start shipping in September 2011. There are many production rumors in the past released by DigiTimes that have turned out to be true, including their prediction of Pegatron receiving(…)