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Dexim AV Dock Station For iPhone 4/3GS, iPod touch & iPod Nano [REVIEW]

Dexim AV Dock Station For iPhone 4/3GS, iPod touch & iPod Nano [REVIEW]

There are countless iPhone / iPod charging docks available nowadays. Once you’re out in the market to get one, you come across a multitude of docks ranging from cheap, low-end plasticky ones to some really stylish and expensive pieces. However, a compact charge ‘n sync dock with audio / video out capabilities, a wireless remote(…)

iTerm – iPod nano’s secret Diagnostic Mode

According to iLounge, the new iPod nano also has secret diagnostic mode, just like the previous generations. It’s called the iTerm and lets you test everything on your iPod nano including your power, touch screen, memory, USB connectivity, radio, accelerometer, etc. Following the instructions given by iLounge you can access iTerm which takes you back(…)

Review: Using the iPod Nano as a Watch [video]

With all the news going around as to how iPod nano is actually an iWatch without a strap, no one has actually bothered to sharing the experience of using it as one – until now. Watch Report have done a pretty comprehensive video review of the iPod nano as a watch and come out with(…)

How the new iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle were made:

In case you wondered why the iPod nano looks a lot like iPod Shuffle in dimensions, here’s the logical explanation: Apple cut the previous generation iPod nano in half which yielded in the upper half becoming the new nano, and the lower half being the new shuffle. Ok, don’t take this seriously, but it’s good(…)

iPod Nano 6G Code Reveals Possible Video Playback Support

iPod Nano 6G Code Reveals Possible Video Playback Support

While the screen of the new iPod Nano is too small to watch videos, we’ve come to expect such a facility from every beautiful multitouch capable screen. TUAW did a little digging in the internal settings property list and they think that a few lines of code hint at possible movie and TV support. While(…)

iPod Nano can be used as an iWatch–Just Clip it on a Watch Strap

Most of you would have definitely seen the concept images of iWatch which looked nice but I never thought Apple would design anything like a touch watch. It would be useless as far as I am concerned. But looks like the new iPod Nano is small enough that somebody actually used his new iPod Nano(…)

New iPod Nano Goes Square, Gets Multitouch Display and Loses Video Camera

The rumors were true! The new iPod Nano has gotten a huge makeover. Not only has it shrunk and changed dimensions, it has a multitouch interface in such small package! It is so small, it has a clip on its back. It’s available in 8GB and 16GB capacities for $149 and $179 respectively. Rest of(…)