Google Android 4.0 “Ice Cream Sandwich” Leaked [PHOTOS]

Google announced Android Ice Cream Sandwich this year at Google IO. We haven’t heard about the update ever since. Well, today, thanks to AndroidPolice and RootzWiki, we have several leaked images to show you of Google Android’s next major update. Images show numerous small changes to the UI, that are not present in the current(…)

More parts leaked for newest iPad and iPhone 5 [Report]

Parts for Apple’s newest devices have leaked today, showing parts for a new iPad and new iPhone model. The folks over at iFixYouri have taken a look at the parts and have provided some descriptions for what is being shown in the pictures. The parts are a cabling system used for the power button, the(…)

White iPhone 4 on Best Buy Shelves this Wednesday?

According to several sites, Best Buy will have the White iPhone 4 in stock this Wednesday, April 27th.  We did report last week that a Vodafone customer was able to purchase a white iPhone 4 as well, so this release date may be real.  We have also heard news like this before about Best Buy,(…)

Windows 8 Build 7850 Leaks!

Windows 8 build 6.1.7850.0.winmain_win8m1.100922-1508_x86fre_client-enterprise_en-us.iso has been leaked in the wild! This is the first Windows 8 build to be leaked and according to Neowin, it is the final Milestone 1 as well as the last version 6.1 build. You wont find this build yet on your favorite file sharing website because it has just been(…)

New iPad 2 Mockups Resemble the leaked iPad 2 Hardware Pictures from CES

It’s not surprising that iPad 2 leaks have started springing just a few weeks before we’re expecting the announcement by Apple. The fact that they’ve started leaking in CES has us in doubts. We didn’t think the pictures of the iPad 2 hardware with a fake UI were real by any means, but new mock(…)

iPad 2 Caught On Camera at CES – Turns out to be fake.. or is it?

The last device you would expect to make an appearance at CES is Apple’s iPad. Earlier, an alleged iPad 2 case with a machined aluminum iPad 2 mockup had been caught on camera which had us wondering if Apple is trying to sabotage other tablets by directing the attention to their own popular tablet. Turns(…)

New leaked Images show White Back Panel and other parts of iPhone 4G/HD

These leaks just don’t seem to stop. New pictures of the white back panel of the next generation iPhone 4G/HD have leaked via PowerbookMedic which seem to be of a prototype iPhone model because of the model number and identification labels on it. Apart from the back panel, the glass digitizer and midboard are also(…)

Video of iPhone 4G/HD parts from Portugal

This is getting kind of annoying but here we go again: Yet another iPhone 4G/HD leak is in the wild. This time it’s from Portugal, not Vietnam, France or the U.S. iPhone Portugal somehow got 2 copies of the Aluminum  chassis of the next-gen iPhone 4G from China. They claim that these parts were not(…)

iPod Touch Prototype with Camera and Microphone leaked via Vietnam

Yet another leak from Vietnam! This time it’s an iPod Touch prototype with a 2MP camera and microphone. According to 9to5Mac, this model is expected to be launched this September. A few images and a video has been posted on the Vietnamese website. The iPod Touch prototype is shown running a debug OS as usual,(…)

New leaked videos of iPhone 4G/HD from Vietnam

Another week, another iPhone 4G leak. As if the previous iPhone-Gizmodo fiasco, Vietnam iPhone 4G leak and the French iPhone leak weren’t enough, here’s an0ther new leak via Vietnam as reported by CrunchGear via Nowhereelse.

Another leak from Vietnam, MacBook to get an upgrade?

Another leak from Vietnam, MacBook to get an upgrade?

Looks like Vietnam is turning into a hub for Apple leaks, first it was the iPhone 4G and now it’s the MacBook, and apparently it will get an upgrade, a faster 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo processor along with new NVIDIA graphics, the Geforce 320M with 256MB of DDR3 RAM shared with the main memory.

Yet another iPhone 4G prototype leak! And this one runs iPhone OS 4

Engadget is reporting that yet another iPhone 4G leak has appeared from Vietnam on an online forum. The cool thing about this leak is that it isn’t running any debug OS but iPhone OS 4! Engadget thinks that this is an older prototype than the one Gizmodo had found as it is marked ‘N90 PRO2’(…)

Two iPod Touch Prototypes with cameras appear on eBay!

Update: The iPod Touch listing has been pulled off eBay. Was it really real? We might never know! It’s raining Apple product leaks! Just when the iPhone prototype fiasco ended, 2 iPod Touch prototypes with cameras appear on eBay for auction. Titled Lot of 2 iPod Touch 32 gb 32gb DVT-2 Parts w/Camera, the listing(…)

iPhone 4G/HD prototype turns out to be real as found by Gizmodo

Well it looks like the iPhone that was discovered by Engadget some days ago was a real prototype of iPhone 4G. Somehow Gizmodo got hold of that iPhone 4G prototype and they just confirmed that this device is the real deal. Although Apple may change the final packaging of the device but still the internals(…)

Courier is real, confirms a Microsoft jobs posting

Courier is real, confirms a Microsoft jobs posting

Courier is one of those fanboy fantasies that was never officially announced but sparked a dream in the eyes of many. Why would Microsoft not want to work on such an excellent concept is something we might never understand, but it seems like they’ve faltered on the secrecy of the Courier project, considering the following(…)

Windows Phone 7 Series build ROM dump available

Well, that didn’t take long. Just a day after the Windows Phone 7 Series emulator was made available, the guys over at XDA managed to extract the ROM. HD2 owners, don’t get too excited as there are no signs yet of whether this will be ported to older devices or not. The ROM only has(…)

Apple to launch new iPod Touch with Camera and Microphone

Once again the rumor mill is running hot about the iPod Touch getting a camera this fall, as Wired has gotten information from its sources that Apple’s factories in China are already manufacturing iPod Touch models with cameras and built in microphones. As already rumored earlier, the new iPod Touch would have video recording as(…)

Office 2010 Beta 1 leaked and available for download

Office 2010 Beta 1 leaked and available for download

While you’re downloading Windows 7 RTM build 7600, you might as well put Office 2010 Beta in the queue as well because it has been leaked too. Microsoft really needs a plumber to fix these leaks don’t they? The build number is 14.0.4302.1000 and is the same for both 32 and 64 bit variants. Microsoft(…)

Why the leaked Google Chrome OS screenshots seem fake

Some guy claims to have taken pictures of an early developer Beta of Google Chrome OS. He works with some company who supplies parts for Acer laptops and got a chance to take the pictures because he was the last person to leave the room and had his mini cam with him. He also says(…)