iPhone 5 Spotted, Matches Alleged iPhone 5 Cases! [Photo]

Hours ago we posted that the long-awaited cheaper iPhone may have been leaked into the wild. Just now, 9To5Mac has posted an image of an Apple employee using an alleged iPhone 5. Even more surprising is the fact that it seems to match with the supposed iPhone 5 cases leaked days ago. From the image,(…)

White iPhone 4 on Best Buy Shelves this Wednesday?

According to several sites, Best Buy will have the White iPhone 4 in stock this Wednesday, April 27th.  We did report last week that a Vodafone customer was able to purchase a white iPhone 4 as well, so this release date may be real.  We have also heard news like this before about Best Buy,(…)

New Windows 8 Build 7955 leaked!

This morning a new build of Windows 8 has been leaked.  Again, by an anonymous source.  We last reported the first leaked build a couple weeks ago, and now there is a new one out there.  The build is currently being hosted on private FTP servers, but not to worry.  You can expect it out as(…)

T-Mobile iPhone Prototype Leaked!

This is something I am personally very excited about. I currently am a T-Mobile subscriber, and have a jailbroken/unlocked iPhone. Not that I’m not happy with my phone, but the downside of using a different carriers phone is that it is very expensive to upgrade, because you need to buy the phone outright. Let’s take(…)

More iPad 2 Parts Leaked, This Time Of A White One!

Yet another official looking iPad 2 part has appeared online just days ahead of its unveiling on March 2nd, only this time, it hints at a white iPad 2. An iPad 2 front bezel in white color has ended up in the hands of 9to5Mac which obviously seems weird as Apple has not yet been(…)

New iPad 2 Mockups Resemble the leaked iPad 2 Hardware Pictures from CES

It’s not surprising that iPad 2 leaks have started springing just a few weeks before we’re expecting the announcement by Apple. The fact that they’ve started leaking in CES has us in doubts. We didn’t think the pictures of the iPad 2 hardware with a fake UI were real by any means, but new mock(…)

iPad 2 Caught On Camera at CES – Turns out to be fake.. or is it?

The last device you would expect to make an appearance at CES is Apple’s iPad. Earlier, an alleged iPad 2 case with a machined aluminum iPad 2 mockup had been caught on camera which had us wondering if Apple is trying to sabotage other tablets by directing the attention to their own popular tablet. Turns(…)

Possible Drawings of iPhone 5 by Foxconn leaked? [Apple leaks]

A few pictures of drawings of what seems to be iPhone 4 or iPhone 5 as said by the source, Apple.Pro, have been published. They seem like blueprints of iPhone 4’s design as no internals have been mentioned or if they have, they’re not in English. 9to5Mac think that this could be the Verizon iPhone(…)

New Xbox 360 Dashboard Leaked and Demonstrated on Video. Update coming in November

Engadget has found a few videos of the new Xbox 360 Dashboard that has been leaked thanks to the Kinect beta program. This new Dashboard will be released as an update in November. This new Dashboard will be compatible with Kinect so you’ll be able to control it with gestures and voice commands. The dashboard(…)