How App Encryption in Google Play for Android Jelly Bean Might Reduce Piracy

Many Android users would know that installing apps from sources other than the Google Play (formerly Android Market) is as simple as changing an option in settings. There’s no need to jailbreak your device as is the case with iPhones or install custom ROMs. For those who like to pirate apps, Android has been a(…)

Windows Phone Marketplace Now Available in 5 More Countries

The biggest issue that most people have with Windows Phone, including yours truly, is the lack of marketplace availability in many countries. What use is the platform if you can’t buy its apps or games? Apple has had this covered since the beginning, even in places where iPhone isn’t officially available but only iPod Touch(…)

Microsoft: Windows Phone Marketplace Has 22,000 Apps, New Phones Announced [Updated, Video]

During the World Partner Conference, Microsoft announced that their Windows Phone Marketplace now has over 22,000 applications, and they also unveiled several new Windows Phone devices. Microsoft confirmed rumors that the Windows Phone Marketplace has over 22,000 application in total, and it’s growing very fast. Even though, the number of apps is astonishing for such as(…)

Flickr App for Windows 7 and Windows Phone 7 Coming Soon

This is a pleasant surprise for us Windows Phone 7 users. Flickr has announced an upcoming app for Windows 7 and Windows Phone 7 that easily puts the iPhone version and the non-existent iPad version to shame. It makes great use of panoramic UI, home screen tiles and the interactive UX of Windows Phone 7(…)

Google Releases Search App for Windows Phone 7–Download now!

Microsoft provides Bing as the default search engine for Windows Phone 7 just like Android has Google. But to make googling more convenient, Google has released a free Search App for Windows Phone 7 that lets you search the web, images, local and more –  in a nutshell, the complete search package. The first release(…)

First Windows Phone 7 Series partner apps unveiled

As usual, Engadget has posted information about a Microsoft event, before it has happened, thanks to early access to press releases. There is a huge list of dev partners that Microsoft has gathered for Windows Phone 7 Series to boot with. It includes big names like EA Mobile, Foursquare, Seesmic and the likes. Based on(…)

Facebook app for Zune HD now available for download

After ages of waiting by Zune HD users, Microsoft has finally released a Facebook app for them. The Twitter app for Zune HD was released almost 76 days ago, back in December, 2009. The Facebook app provides all the usual features such as viewing Photos, News Feed, profiles, messaging, notificatiosn and status updating. It even(…)

Inside the top secret Microsoft Apps Lab

Microsoft is trying hard to get developers excited for Windows Marketplace, while at the same time taking shots at the competition, namely Apple’s App Store. While most iPhone users are fond of the $0.99 Fart apps and the likes, Microsoft thinks such apps are worth rejecting. This recently posted video on the Windows Mobile Dev(…)

You know those rumored Zune Apps and Games? They have been confirmed!

Rejoice Zune HD users! Apps will be coming to the Tegra based powerful device. A video has been uploaded by a person trying out the Zune HD and finding out the Apps category in the Marketplace which is further confirmed by the other person demoing it. That person doesn’t reply when asked about an SDK(…)

New Zune HD image with Marketplace

New Zune HD image with Marketplace

fitret, the Program Manager for Xbox 360 posted a new picture of the Zune HD, a few days ago on Twitter. The image shows Zune Marketplace. As expected it matches the rest of the UI. All fitret says about the Zune HD is It’s awesome! Great UX. Don’t know about battery life yet, mine hasn’t(…)

6 reasons why the Zune HD is no competition for iPod Touch

I’ve been reading a lot of blogs and tweets lately on how Zune HD is Microsoft’s reply to iPod Touch. Even some people from Microsoft have been labeling it as an iPod Touch killer, which is totally ridiculous. Just because it has a browser and multi-touch, doesn’t mean it falls in the same category of(…)