Google To Acquire Motorola Mobility for $12.5 Billion – Read All About It!

Just when you thought that the patent wars couldn’t get any crazier, Google, out of nowhere, announces that it is acquiring Motorola Mobility ( Motorola’s mobile division only ) for a whooping $12.5 Billion! Before you can say that out completely, let us tell you the single reason behind this acquisition: Android. Or ‘supercharging Android’(…)

Motorola Shows Off Google Honeycomb Tablet XOOM in New Promo Video

Motorola has unveiled a new promo that shows off the first Honeycomb tablet, XOOM. It will be a Google experience device free from any skins such as MotoBlur. Honeycomb will be a true tablet OS, unlike Samsung’s tablet effort with Froyo on Samsung Tab.

iPhone tops US smartphone sales but Android controls 44%

New data from Canalys shows that iPhone was the best selling smartphone in the third quarter of 2010, controlling 26.2 percent of the market, but with the amount of phones now running Google’s Android, it represents a combined 43.6 percent. Apple’s 26.2 percent share edged Research in Motion’s 24.2 percent, giving Apple control of the(…)

Motorola takes Another Shot at iPhone 4 for lack of Flash in a Droid 2 Ad

Motorola is at it again. They’re giving Apple a taste of their own medicine through some mudslinging. Apple has done this for years against Windows PC users and now it’s at the receiving end since the past few months at the hands of companies like Motorola and Samsung. This time, Motorola is promoting their newest(…)

Froyo Gets Updated for Droid for Flash 10.1 Support

Froyo is once again in the news this week with an update for Verizon’s Motorola Droid and also an expected upgrade for Droid Incredible. Verizon wireless have confirmed that they have start sending the second part of its Android 2.2 update to original Droid devices. The new update,build FRG22D, officially enables flash on Android devices.(…)

Motorola Mocks iPhone 4 Antenna Issues in Their Latest Droid X Ad

Apple is popular for taking cheap shots at its competitors specially during commercials and at events like WWDC. iPhone 4’s antenna issues have finally given competitors a chance to return the favor at a time when Apple still wont stop making its competitors look bad by posting ‘death grip’ videos regularly of new phones which(…)

Motorola announces the first Windows Embedded Handheld Phone: ES400

Microsoft has unveiled yet another new mobile operating system called Windows Embedded Handheld. This OS is going to be an improved version of Windows Mobile 6.5.3, with UI improvements such as Tiles and enterprise features. It is basically going to be targeted towards the same corporate customers who were using Windows Mobile devices over the(…)