3G MacBook Pro Prototype Auction Pulled from eBay, MagSafe Antenna Identified!

We showed you a prototype MacBook Pro on Monday, which had an antennae for 3G connections attached to it. It turns out that Apple has pulled the auction from eBay. For what reason? We are not sure, but the bids on the laptop did reach $70,000 before Apple pulled the plug. The seller has posted(…)

Prototype Apple Macbook Pro found with 3G Capabilities! [Photo]

Apple’s MacBook line is without a doubt the top of the line laptop available to any user. They are feature rich, built great and are always on the cutting edge of technology available. The one and only thing that may be missing is a built in 3G modem for superior wireless capabilities. However, back in(…)

iPad Docking Station Integrated Into Mercedes-Benz [PROTOTYPE]

“iPad is magical” and we all pretty much know that. However the idea of integrating an iPad into the rear of upcoming Mercedes-Benz models is absolutely off the charts! Mercedes-Benz Accessories has recently demonstrated an innovative docking station for the iPad shown at the Paris Motor Show in an S-Class. The docking station is planned to(…)

Investigation Into Lost iPhone 4 Prototype about to Wrap Up

CNET reports that the police investigation on the circumstances surrounding the disappearance of the lost iPhone 4 prototype that subsequently made its way into the hands of Gizmodo appears to be nearing an end. Stephen Wagstaffe, chief deputy district attorney for San Mateo County, California, told CNET today that police are close to wrapping up(…)

New leaked Images show White Back Panel and other parts of iPhone 4G/HD

These leaks just don’t seem to stop. New pictures of the white back panel of the next generation iPhone 4G/HD have leaked via PowerbookMedic which seem to be of a prototype iPhone model because of the model number and identification labels on it. Apart from the back panel, the glass digitizer and midboard are also(…)

iPod Touch Prototype with Camera and Microphone leaked via Vietnam

Yet another leak from Vietnam! This time it’s an iPod Touch prototype with a 2MP camera and microphone. According to 9to5Mac, this model is expected to be launched this September. A few images and a video has been posted on the Vietnamese website. The iPod Touch prototype is shown running a debug OS as usual,(…)

Yet another iPhone 4G prototype leak! And this one runs iPhone OS 4

Engadget is reporting that yet another iPhone 4G leak has appeared from Vietnam on an online forum. The cool thing about this leak is that it isn’t running any debug OS but iPhone OS 4! Engadget thinks that this is an older prototype than the one Gizmodo had found as it is marked ‘N90 PRO2’(…)

Even more new iPhone HD/4G pictures leak!

Apple has completely lost it – along with countless iPhone 4G prototypes. The company that was known for its tight secrecy should be feeling outraged and embarrassed over the leaked prototypes of one of its flagship products, finding their way on the Internet.

Steve Wozniak’s T-Shirt joke on Gray Powell’s iPhone Prototype Fiasco

Steve Wozniak was one of the co-founders of Apple along with Steve Jobs and Ronald Wayne. He is not just a great engineer but he is also known for his good sense of humor. And after Gray Powell’s case of the the lost iPhone prototype, Steve Wozniak could not stop himself from making a joke(…)