Why the story of Gray Powell losing the iPhone 4G prototype seems fabricated

Now that the dust has mostly settled ( not sure for poor Gary Powell, maybe he had one beer too many ), it’s time we take a look from another perspective at the whole ‘How Gray Powell lost an iPhone 4G Prototype while being drunk in bar’ saga. There are some things I find annoying(…)

iPhone 4G/HD prototype turns out to be real as found by Gizmodo

Well it looks like the iPhone that was discovered by Engadget some days ago was a real prototype of iPhone 4G. Somehow Gizmodo got hold of that iPhone 4G prototype and they just confirmed that this device is the real deal. Although Apple may change the final packaging of the device but still the internals(…)

Possible iPhone HD/4G Prototype Found in a Bar

Engadget somehow got the chance to take some pictures of the prototype of iPhone HD/4G. The story of how they got these photos is very interesting as posted on Engadget.

Is Microsoft working on a Tablet PC?

Here’s an interesting bit I missed out on from the 9to5mac post on Project Pink devices: Oh, and we’ve received something much, much bigger and juicier from Redmond as well.  This is something more interesting to tablet fans, but is still in late prototype phases. Here’s a clue. The clue has been typed in the(…)