Google Search App for iOS Updated, Brings Improved Voice Search Capabilities

After announcing this updated many weeks back, Google has finally released the voice search update for their iOS app. This update brings Google Now like voice search capability to the app along with support for iPhone 5. The update Google search app for iOS uses Google Knowledge Graph to provide smart and contextual search results(…)

Google Mobile Homepage Gets a Redesign – Now Features Hidden Services Sidebar

Google Search has always been an amazing tool when it comes to finding answers as quickly as possible. Be it a weather forecast or a stock quote, solving an equation or converting units, we’ve been able to see those answers right away on To further improve user experience for the ever growing number of(…)

Google Home Page and Search Results Layout Updated

It’s rare that Google updates the looks of their home page or search engine result pages ( SERPs) but ever since Bing has stepped up the game with their different and useful designs, Google has been experimenting a lot lately. As part of their Google +1 release, they’ve accordingly made changes to other parts of(…)

Microsoft Releases Bing App for iPad [Review]

Microsoft has released a Bing app for iPad. This isn’t their first Bing app for iOS, as they had already previously released a Bing app for iPhone. If you’re a Bing user with an iPad, this is the perfect app for you and it actually shows Google how to make a good search app.

Google Releases Search App for Windows Phone 7–Download now!

Microsoft provides Bing as the default search engine for Windows Phone 7 just like Android has Google. But to make googling more convenient, Google has released a free Search App for Windows Phone 7 that lets you search the web, images, local and more –  in a nutshell, the complete search package. The first release(…)

Google Search Results get Makeover – Bing inspiration evident

Google has updated the look and feel of its search results by bringing in some new elements in their user interface. At first sight I thought they are a little bit inspired by the colorful Bing interface. These changes would make  search easier and better to find exactly what they are looking for.

Google has a new search results UI in the works. Here is how it currently looks like:

Google has a new search results UI in the works. Here is how it currently looks like:

While doing some ‘ego searching’ today, I stumbled across this new Google Search results UI. It looks a lot cleaner than the current UI and a lot less colorful as well. The currently search selection has colored buttons while other search types have colorless images. Weirdly though, navigating to either of them brings back the(…)

Google’s Parision Love 2010 Super Bowl commercial is simple but effective

Google’s Super Bowl ad is mild and uncontroversial. In other words it’s boring. But just like everything Google does, this is simple and effective. It actually shows the reality of our lives – we’re all so dependant on Google in our daily lives, whether it’s on our desktops, notebooks, netbooks, smartphones, dumb phones or even(…)

Bing’s slow and steady market share increase against Google

Bing seems to have made quiet an impact ever since it was launched. The recent deal between Microsoft and Yahoo will further strengthen Bing’s position and market share down the road. But currently, it’s making tiny but meaningful inroads into Google’s market share. As LiveSide points out, Stat Counter, a web analytics service for websites,(…)