iPod Nano 6G Code Reveals Possible Video Playback Support

iPod Nano 6G Code Reveals Possible Video Playback Support

While the screen of the new iPod Nano is too small to watch videos, we’ve come to expect such a facility from every beautiful multitouch capable screen. TUAW did a little digging in the internal settings property list and they think that a few lines of code hint at possible movie and TV support. While(…)

Printing capabilities coming soon to iPad confirms Steve Jobs

In yet another new email reply, Steve Jobs has said this about printing on the iPad: ‘It will come.’ According to Macrumors, one of their readers emailed Steve Jobs asking why there’s no printing on the iPad. Steve Jobs replied in his usual short sentences and confirmed a feature which has been kind of a(…)

This week in Google/Android: Buzz, 1 gigabit a second, …

               You might have already been blown by the amount of updates that came from Google this week. It’s a bit too much if you ask me. Nonetheless, most of the updates were pretty cool and awesome.

Google provides limited Nexus One support!

Google has finally stepped up, and started offering a support phone line for Nexus One owners. I think it is necessary seeing the big number of customer complaints – but pretty much useless. Nexus One owners can call (888) 48NEXUS between 4am and 7pm PST to speak with customer support. Unfortunately, they will only be(…)

DivX Tech Preview Lets You Play MKV Files in Windows 7

MKV container support has almost always been neglected by media companies for playback. Most of the times, you need to install a codec package which can provide more issues than functionality or you have to rely on the ever useful VLC Player. While Windows 7 provides support for a lot of video formats, MKV was(…)

Firefox 3.7 might have an Aero Glass supported theme in Vista and 7

Firefox 3.7 might have full support for Aero glass in Windows Vista and 7 as evident from some mockups available in the Mozilla Wiki. These are only mockups of what it might look like, but don’t raise your expectations to high. Mozilla had claimed to make Firefox 3 resemble the UI of different operating systems,(…)