Mann vs Machine Update for Team Fortress 2 Goes Live!

Mann vs Machine update for Team Fortress 2 is finally live after so much hype about a third new faction which turned out to be the machines. Even more new maps and new ways of fighting robots have been revealed. The new maps are Decoy and Coaltown while 35 new achievements have been added as(…)

Blood Brothers: Valve Teases about a third ‘Gray’ faction for Team Fortress 2

With the latest Team Fortress 2 update titled ‘Blood Brothers’, it seems that we might be playing against robots in the game i.e. Mann vs Robot which would be extremely cool. Maybe a few days from now, we will be fighting against robots. Valve has teased with another piece of the puzzle in the Team(…)

Sparrow for iPhone Updated to Version 1.3 – Now Supports POP Accounts

Sparrow for iPhone, formerly just a Mac OS X app, was launched a few months ago as a Gmail client. Recently, version 1.6 of the desktop app was released with support for POP accounts which meant that Hotmail and the likes would work with Sparrow. The same feature has just been added to the iPhone(…)

Apple Releases iTunes 10.5 beta 6

To accompany the release of iOS 5 Beta 6, Apple has released iTunes 10.5 beta 6 for both Mac and Windows. You need this update to be able to install iOS 5 beta 6 on our iOS device or to be able to sync it as well. Alternatively, you can download iOS 5 beta 6(…)

Apple Releases First Lion Update, Mac OS X 10.7.1 [Direct Download Links]

It hasn’t been much time since Apple launched Lion, Mac OS X 10.7, to the general public. There have been cries of various issues, specifically the unreliability of WiFi connections in Lion, due to which Apple has hurriedly released the first update, 10.7.1 to the general public. Weirdly, this build wasn’t even released to developers(…)

Apple Releases iOS 5 Beta 4 with Over The Air Updates [Download]

Apple’s newest Beta for iOS 5 comes to anyone who is using iOS 5 Beta 3 via an OTA update. If you’re not on Beta 3, then you can download the full upgrade file from Apple’s developer site. This is the first update to use the long awaited OTA updating, that many other manufacturers currently(…)