greenpois0n RC5 Untethered Jailbreak Works with iOS 4.2.6 on Verizon iPhone 4!

Some customers had started receiving their Verizon iPhone 4 units earlier and as expected, greenpois0n RC5 is already being tested on them and the initial results sound good – it works! The readme file for greenpois0n RC5 already stated that untethered jailbreak for Verizon iPhone 4 iOS 4.2.6 is supported although untested. A twitter user @lovetenderhh(…)

Parody of Apple’s New iPhone 4 Commercial with AT&T and Verizon

And here’s the parody of the ‘two is better than one’, iPhone 4 commercial by Apple. Features both AT&T and Verizon, but obviously it’s AT&T who gets the beating here. Choppy frame rates in FaceTime, websites not opening, App Store not working due to connectivity issues and what not.

Apple’s New iPhone 4 Commercial Features Both AT&T and Verizon

The first commercial by Apple after the Verizon announcement has been released. Apple shows off two iPhone 4s, one from Verizon and one from AT&T showing off how they are both the same despite being on different networks. Of course, there’s a small footnote saying features may vary by carrier at the end of the(…)

First Verizon iPhone 4 Commercial Launched! [VIDEO]

Verizon iPhone 4 was officially announced 10 days back and today they have launched its first video commercial. The CDMA iPhone 4 will be available for pre order on February 10th. The existing Verizon customers will be able to pre-order it earlier i.e on Feburary 3rd for $199 for the16GB model and $299 for the(…)

iPad coming to Verizon Stores on October 28th

Apple today announced in a press release that iPad will soon be available at Verizon retail stores. It will be available at all the 2,000 retail stores of Verizon in US starting October 28th. Verizon will offer all the current six available models of iPad. These three Wi-Fi iPad models will be bundled with Verizon(…)

Suppliers say Apple will build first batch of CDMA iPhones in December

Suppliers say Apple will build first batch of CDMA iPhones in December

Apple are expected to build their new CDMA Verizon-compatible iPhone in December 2010. Analyst Jeffrey Fidacaro with Susquehanna Financial Group said in a note to investors that Apple where ready to build 3 Million CDMA iPhones in December, for an early 2011 launch.

Most consumers are waiting for Verizon iPhone [Report]

As expected, Apple‘s latest iPhone has launched with a lot of success in the market. It has crossed all the previous figures of iPhone sales. About 1.7 million units of iPhone 4 were sold in just first three days and the figures keep on improving. More people want to switch to iPhone 4 but they(…)

Verizon iPhone Rumored to Launch Early Next Year

We have heard this one so many times before: Verizon iPhone. TechCrunch has restarted the rumor mill that Verizon could get iPhone in January because Apple is currently working on its CDMA version of iPhone. Before this in June, Bloomberg had reported that the largest U.S. mobile company will launch iPhone next year, probably in(…)

Google and Verizon are working on Android Based Tablet

About a month ago we heard some rumors that Google will launch their version of a tablet computer soon which will have Android OS in it. Now, it looks like Google and Verizon are working together on an Android based tablet which will compete with Apple’s iPad. Verizon CEO revealed their plans to The Wall(…)

KIN will be up for pre-order on Verizon’s website on 7th May

Alright people, we’re not sure if you’re waiting for this one or not, but Microsoft’s much hyped KIN, aka the “pink phone” will be available for pre-order on Verizon’s website starting tomorrow and will hit the Verizon store shelves on May 13th.

Android 2.1 for Motorola Droid coming soon!

Droid users, rejoice! Android 2.1 update is just around the corner, and it will be the full fledged update, with live wallpapers, 3D gallery and other features unlike previously rumored. The update version will be AP: ESE53/BP: C_01.3E.03P. The update is expected to be rolled out this week. The update roll out begins tomorrow.

Google Nexus One heading to Verizon March 23, Vodafone Europe in April

Verizon will release Google’s Nexus One device on March 23 according to sources. The Nexus One was originally released on T-Mobile in January. It just passed the FCC inspection for use on Verizon’s CDMA network, and according to a Google worker, it will be available on March 23.